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Chapter 37: Jacob Dreams of Greatness

Events in Chapter 37: 1. *Joseph Dreams of Greatness; Joseph is sold by His Brothers. 30-31
1. Father makes his favorite son, Joseph, a long robe with sleeves. His brothers hate him for this favoritism. Joseph has Dream #1: Brothers sheaves bow down to Joseph's sheave, as if they are to bow down to Joseph. Joseph has Dream #2: Brothers, mother and family bow down to him again. 2. Brothers conspire to kill him, but strip him of his long robe, put him in a pit, and cover the robe with blood of a goat. Joseph is sold to a group of Midianite traders travelling to Egypt. Father sees the cloak, mourns the death of his son. Midianites sell Joseph to Potifar, one of the Pharoah' officials.
*Joseph's Dream #1 30
"The Sheaves."
Joseph's Dream #2 30
""The Sun, the Moon and the Stars."
Midiantes 31
Traders who buy Joseph, sell him to Potifar.
Potifar 31
Official of the Pharoah, to whom Joseph is sold.