GACS lclab French 4/5 Chapitre 6, Leçon 3 Mots et ex. utiles

23 terms by lclab

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mots et expressions utiles, leçon 3


to increase

un accueil

a welcome


welcoming, friendly


to get worse

la banlieue

the suburbs


to hurt

un bouc émissaire

a scapegoat, a fall guy

le chômage


un(e) chômeur(-se)

unemployed person


increasing, growing


to enlighten


to worsen

un(e) immigrant(e)

a newly arrived immigrant

un(e) immigré(e)

an immigrant well established in the foreign country

un incendie

a fire


from Northwest Africa (mahgreb) (morocco, algeria, tunisia)

la main-d'œuvre


une manifestation/manifester

a demonstration, a protest (organized/ to demonstrate, a protest

une menace

a threat

les quartiers défavorisés



to spread

rouer quelqu'un de coups

to beat someone black and blue

la xénophobie

xenophobia: fear/hatred of foreigners

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