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World War II
Global conflict that led to the downfall of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.
World War I
Trench warfare between European alliances, produced the "Lost Generation."
American Civil War
Union forces defeated Confederate secession attempt, led to abolition of slavery.
American Revolution
13 colonies gained Independence from Britain, creating the U.S.
War of 1812
Inconclusive war caused in part by impressment of U.S. sailors.
French Revolution
Fall of the Bourbon monarchy, led to series of short-lived regimes.
Trojan War
Semi-legendary conflict between attacking Greeks and Priam's city of Troy.
Mexican-American War
War of "Manifest Destiny", gained Southwestern territory for U.S.
Battle of Gettysburg
Ended Lee's invasion of Pennsylvania; inspired address by Lincoln.
Peloponnesian War
Thucydides wrote about this war in which Sparta defeated Athens.
Battle of Waterloo
Final defeat of Napoleon by a British, Dutch, and Prussian coalition.
Crimean War
British and French joined to seize Russian naval bases on the Black Sea.
Spanish-American War
U.S. seized Spanish colonies such as Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines.
Vietnam War
Vietnam unified after U.S. defeat in Southeast Asian guerrilla war.
Spanish Civil War
Francisco Franco's forces overthrew the Spanish Republic.
Thirty Years' War
Catholic-Protestant war in Germany that drew in Spain, Sweden and France.
Attack on Pearl Harbor
Japan's infamous surprise attack on U.S. naval base in Oahu, Hawai'i.
Hundred Years' War
Struggle between England and France for control of French throne.
Franco-Prussian War
Unified Germany emerged from Bismarck's destruction of French Empire.
Korean War
"Forgotten War" that resulted in DMZ across the Korean Peninsula.
Battle of Hastings
William the Conqueror killed Harold Godwinson, took over Anglo-Saxon England.
Napoleonic Wars
Bonaparte's attempt to conquer Europe foiled by hostile coalition.
Treaty of Versailles
Ended World War I; blamed for causing World War II by harsh treatment of Germany.
Battle of Chancelorsville
Stonewall Jackson killed during Lee's victory over Joseph Hooker.
Cold War
Struggle for influence between rival superpowers U.S. and U.S.S.R.
Third Crusade
Richard the Lionheart and Frederick Barbarossa fail to recapture Jerusalem.
Russian Revolution
Lenin's Bolsheviks seized power from provisional government.
Battle of Antietam
Union victory in Maryland led to Emancipation Proclamation.
Spanish Armada
"Invincible" fleet scattered and sunk by Elizabeth I's ships and storms.
Battle of Yorktown
Cornwallis's army trapped at Virginia port by Americans and French.
Second Boer War
British Empire annexed South African Republics after costly struggle.
War of the Roses
Struggle between Houses of Lancaster and York for English throne.
War of the Spanish Succession
British, Dutch, and Austrians fought to keep Louis XIV off Spanish throne.
Russo-Japanese War
Tsar Nicholas II's empire weakened by loss to a rising Asian power.
Battle of Agincourt
French knights routed by Henry V, outnumbered army of English archers.
Seven Years' War
Prussia's Frederick the Great held off French, Austrians, and Russians.
Battle of Trafalgar
Lord Nelson destroyed Napoleon's navy off the coast of Spain.
Battle of Marathon
Athenian phalanx turned back Darius' Persian invasion of Greece.
Louisiana Purchase
U.S. acquired vast territory west of the Mississippi River from France.
Battle of the Little Bighorn
Sitting Bull's Sioux beat the 7th cavalry in Custer's last stand.
Battle of Salamis
Greek triremes crushed Persian fleet at island near Athens.
French and Indian War
Britain colonists seized Canada from French/Native American Alliance.
War of the Austrian Succession
France and Prussia disputed Maria Theresa's claim to the throne.
English Civil War
Struggle between king and Long Parliament that cost Charles I his head.
First Battle of Bull Run
Inexperienced Union forces routed at first major Civil War battle.
Battle of Actium
Octavian's naval victory over combined fleets of Antony and Cleopatra.
Battle of Shiloh
Grant's army barely survived surprise attack near the Tennessee River.
Great Northern War
Struggle for Baltic dominance ended with Russia's win over Sweden.
Volunteers who followed Garibaldi during Italy's Risorgimento.
Battle of Zama
The final defeat of Hannibal in Africa by Romans under Scipio.
Battle of Austerlitz
Napoleon's triumph over Russia and Austria in "Battle of Three Emperors"
Glorious Revolution
Catholic James II fled from England, letting William III take the throne.
Treaty of Ghent
Ended War of 1812; news arrived in America too late to prevent battles.
Allied amphibious invasion of five Normandy beaches on June 6, 1944.
Punic Wars
Struggle between Rome and Carthage for control of Mediterranean.
Boxer Rebellion
Xenophobic Chinese revolt that included siege of Peking embassies.
Treaty of Portsmouth
Russo-Japanese War ended with this treaty arranged by Theodore Roosevelt.
Battle of Tours
Charles Martel's repulse of Muslim raiders into medieval France.
Battle of Verdun
Germany's attempt to "bleed France white" for control of WWI forts.
Battle of Bosworth Field
Richard III died at at this final battle of the War of the Roses.
Camp David Accords
Begin(Israel) and Sadat(Egypt) sign treaty brokered by Jimmy Carter.
Battle of New Orleans
Andrew Jackson's victory over British invaders after signing of treaty.
Second Punic War
Roman republic narrowly survived long struggle against Hannibal.
Treaty of Guadelupe Hidalgo
Nicholas Trist negotiated this treaty that ceded California to the U.S.
Battle of Borodino
Bloody Clash between Russians and French on Napoleon's road to Moscow.
Battle of the Plains of Abraham
Wolfe and Montcalm were killed in this British victory at Quebec City.
Persian Gulf War
International alliance ended Saddam Hussain's occupation of Kuwait.
Treaty of Utrecht
Ended Spanish Succession war, granted Britain trade privileges.
War of the Pacific
This war for the control of the Atacama Desert left Bolivia landlocked.
Battle of Fredericksburg
Ambrose Burnside's futile frontal assault on entrenched Confederates.
First Crusade
Urban II called for this campaign to seize Jerusalem from Islamic rule.
Battle of Puebla
Mexican victory over French intervention forces on "Cinco De Mayo"
Rough Riders
Volunteer cavalry organized by T. Roosevelt for Spanish-American War.
Battle of Bunker Hill
Bloody British attempt to break colonial siege of Boston.
Green Mountain Boys
Ethan Allen led these Vermont patriots during the American Revolution.
Battle of Cannae
Hannibal destroyed a Roman army in this double envelopment battle.
Battle of Sedan
Napoleon III was captured in this Franco-Prussian battle
Sepoy Rebellion
Mutiny by Indian soldiers angered by the British East India Company.
Six-Day War
Israel seized West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and Golan Heights.
Taiping Rebellion
Rebellion against the Qing Dynasty led by supposed brother of Jesus.
Battle of Kadesh
Chariot battle between Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II and the Hittites.
Battle of Lepanto
John of Austria and the Holy League smashed an Ottoman galley fleet.
Battle of the Bulge
German winter offensive in Ardennes Forest repelled by U.S. army.