Homecoming Quiz

literature Cynthia Voigt
Why does Dicey lie to the policeman in the parking lot in Peewauket?
She is afraid to let any adult know of their predicament
Why does Sammy initially refuse to leave the parking lot in Peewauket?
He refuses to believe Momma has left them and thinks she will come back
What lie does Dicey tell the children about their parents?
That Momma and their father got married
Why does Dicey not correct Louis and Edie when they mistake her for a boy?
She thinks it is safer if people think she is a boy
Why does Dicey become so upset when Sammy steals a wallet?
She is afraid that a serious theft will arouse the attention of the police
What inspires Dicey to have the children carry grocery bags to earn money?
She has a fantasy of bringing heavily-laden grocery bags to her hungry siblings
Why does the inscription on the gravestone near the Connecticut River affect Dicey so deeply?
It resonates with her understanding of the transience of life
Why does Stewart help the Tillermans even after James steals money from him?
Because he feels James has only hurt himself by stealing the money
How does Eunice react to the children?
She feels compelled to take care of them, but cannot help seeing them as a burden and sacrifice
What is Father Joseph and Eunice's prevailing reaction to Dicey's explanations of her mother's life?
They are scandalized by Momma's lifestyle
What is the main reason Dicey dislikes her life in Bridgeport?
She feels she and her siblings are drawing apart from one another
Why does Eunice decide to adopt the children?
She feels it is her religious duty to give up her dreams and care for the children
How does Dicey feel once they are on the bus to New York?
She feels excited at being on the road again
Why do Tom and Jerry offer to take the Tillermans across the bay?
Tom dares Jerry to do it without asking his parents' permission
Why does Dicey enjoy sailing so much?
She enjoys the sense of freedom, ease, and power it gives her
Why does Dicey decide they must walk when they reach the eastern shore?
She wants to save money to travel with in case their grandmother will not take them in
How do the children know that Mr. Rudyard is a bad man?
His dog is afraid of him and he leers at Maybeth
How does Mr. Rudyard try to convince Will to let him take the children?
He tells Will they are his foster children
How does Dicey's grandmother react to Dicey initially?
She speaks brusquely and tells Dicey the children cannot stay with her
What does Dicey find in the barn that makes her decide they must try and convince their grandmother to take them in?
A sailboat
Why does their grandmother not make the children leave?
She genuinely likes them, and wants them to stay, though she is afraid to take responsibility for them
Why does their grandmother become so angry the night when Will and Claire visit?
Because she defies her decision to send Sammy to bed without supper
Why does Gram tell Dicey she cannot take them in?
She fears losing her freedom and failing the children
Why did Momma and Francis Verricker not marry?
Momma saw that her own parents' marriage was deeply unhappy and did not want to replicate their unhappiness
Why does Gram finally agree to take the children in?
Dicey challenges her to face the fact that taking them is the right thing to do
major conflict
Dicey and her siblings, abandoned by their mentally ill mother, try desperately to find a home with relatives whom they barely know
rising action
The abandoned children travel for hundreds of miles on foot and almost no money to their cousin's house in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Their cousin, however, is a fussy and joyless woman, and though she agrees to take them in, the children know they will not be happy there. The children leave to visit their grandmother, of whom they had never heard before they arrived in Bridgeport, and to see if she will take them in. The children travel by bus, boat, foot, and car, and after a series of perilous events, reach their grandmother's run down farm. Their grandmother, however, flatly refuses to take them in.
Their grandmother lets them stay on the farm for several days, and during that time grows fond of them. At dinner one day, however, she and Dicey conflict over what punishment Sammy should receive for disobeying Dicey. Dicey feels that even if it costs them their future at the farm, she must protect Sammy, and their grandmother firmly tells them that she does not want them to stay.
falling action
Gram tells Dicey later that night that she is afraid of repeating the same mistakes she made with her own children, and thus cannot take them in. A few days later, however, when Gram is about to mail a letter to their cousin in Bridgeport asking her to come for the children, Gram relents and agrees to take the children in.
Dicey's repetition of Gram's address the very night after they arrive in Bridgeport foreshadows their departure for Crisfield from Bridgeport; Dicey's repetition of Momma's exact words when she leaves her siblings to meet their grandmother foreshadows some sort of repetition of the abandonment that began the book; Dicey's discovery of the boat foreshadows their making a home for themselves at their grandmother's