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Grammar I Lesson 12 Latin/English verses

(19) Et hoc est testimonium Iohannis quando miserunt Iudaei ab Hierosolymis sacerdotes et Levitas ad eum ut interrogarent eum, "Tu quis es?".
(19) And this is the testimony of John when sent the Jews from Jerusalem priests and Levites to him so that they might ask him, "You who are you?".
(20) Et confessus est et non negavit et confessus est quia, "Non sum ego Christus.".
(20) And confessed it is and not did he deny and confessed it was that, "Not I am I (the Christ).".
(21) Et interrogaverunt eum, "Quid ergo Helias es tu?". Et dicit, "Non sum." "Propheta es tu?" Et respondit, "Non."
(21) And they questioned him, "What then Elijah are you?". And he says, "Not I am." "The Prophet are you?" And he responds, "No."
(22) Dixerunt ergo ei, "Quis es, ut responsum demus his qui miserunt nos? Quid dicis de te ipso?".
(22) They said therefore to him "Who are you, so that a response we might give to those who sent us? What do you say about yourself?".
(23) Ait, "Ego vox clamantis in deserto, 'Dirigite viam Domini!', sicut dixit Esaias propheta."
(23) He said, "I (am) the voice of one crying in the desert, 'Make straight the way of the Lord!', just as said Isaiah the prophet."