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How long should your anchor line be?
7-10 times the depth of the water
When moored to a dock, what should you do before casting off while you warm up the engine?
make sure everyone is wearing a life jacket
How can you calculate the maximum number of people for boats less than 20 ft. in length?
(length x width) / 15
What causes a PFD to wear out over time?
exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun
When boating on a river, you may encounter strainers. What are strainers?
obstructions that allow water to flow, but block small boats
what does a diver down flag look like?
red with a white diagonal strip
Before you begin fueling your boat, what should be within reach?
a fire extiguisher
What should you do after fueling your boat and before starting the engine?
OPEN all windows and hatches. Turn ON the ventilation system.
What is the best way to check for gas fumes after fueling a PWC?
smell for fumes
You are approaching another boat. Assume that according to the navigation rules, you are the stand-on boat. Which exception to the rules means you must give way?
????The other boat has difficulty maneuvering.
A motorboat is crossing paths with a PWC. What action should be taken?
the vessel on the port (left) should give way
What should a sailboat operator do when approaching a PWC head-on?
maintain present course and speed
What should you do if you are operating a motorboat that is being overtaken by a sailboat?
maintain present course and speed
You are operating a powerboat at night. You see red and white lights on another boat. What should you do?
give way to other vessel
You are operating a powerboat at night. You see red and white lights on another boat. What do these lights tell you?
you must give way to the other vessel
A motorboat approaches you head-on and sounds one short blast. How do you signal that you agree to let it pass on your port (left) side?
one short blast
You return from the open sea. You see a green lighted buoy with the number 3. What should you do?
keep the buoy on your port side
You see a red buoy. What should you do?
keep it on your right when heading up stream
You see a white buoy with orange markings and black lettering. What type of buoy is this?
regulatory marker
One type of marker is used to warn boaters not to pass between the marker and the shore. What color is this marker?
white and black vertical stripes
You see a white buoy with orange bands and an orange diamond. What should you do?
watch out for danger such as rocks or stumps
Which symbol on a regulatory marker is used to mark a swimming area?
orange crossed diamond
What is true about changing water levels?
can cause hazards to boaters
For most people, how many alcoholic drinks does it take before judgment and physical reaction time are impaired?
Your boat runs aground at high speed. What should you do FIRST?
make sure no one is injured
when you are caught in a storm, what should you do?
Reduce speed and head into the waves at a 45-degree angle.
What is the MINIMUM age to legally operate a PWC on Minnesota public waters?
For a first conviction of boating while intoxicated (BWI), what is the maximum fine?
What is the main advantage of a Type IV PFD?
its designed to be thrown to someone in trouble
An inboard engine backfires. What will prevent the ignition of gasoline fumes?
back fire flame arrestors
To check this style of extinguisher, depress the green button. If it is fully charged, the green button should pop back out immediately.