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Appear before director, stage manager to be interviewed and present a scene they prepared, may be called back, short term results


hardcore practices for a couple weeks, exploring character. emphasis on process. memorize, work with staff, accents, learn movements

Stanislavsky System

1800's beginning of realistic acting. russian actor and director.
1. make outward behavior convincing (gestures, voice, rhythm and movements)
2. have actor convey goals and objectives, may be believable but actor must be convinced
3. make life of character onstage dynamic or continuous
4. strong sense of ensemble with other performers

Stanislavsky Techniques

Relaxation-physical and vocal
Concentration and Observation- circle of attn, lose self conscientiousness
Importance of Specifics-answer tons of questions in concrete form to convince
Action on Stage- Every action on stage must have a purpose, why, why, how?
Inner Truth- thoughts/emotions, magic if
Through line of a role- superobjective, through line/spine
Ensemble Playing-play off other performers
Pyschophysical Action-inner source, purposeful action, action itself more important
Emotional Recall- achieve sense of emotional truth onstage

Performing Today

Voice Training, Physical fitness, concentration training with a master, tai chi- china, juggling, dancing/singing-MT, centering-body/voice training

Avant Garde

require weird unsual acting, rigorous training, acting while immobile etc...acrobats/gymnastics


create total persona of character, forcefully and convincing portrayed, synthesis of

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