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Hi. Mr. X,

How are you you doing? I understand you have experienced some weight loss, abdominal pain and bloating recently and we obtained a CT scan.
When you came in about your symptoms, what did you think was going on with you?

Is there anyone you would like with you while we go over the results of your scan? How much information would you like for me to give you about your results?

Unfortunately, I have some bad news for you Mr. X? Your CT scan shows a pancreatic mass. The mass will need to be biopsied by a surgeon before we can say that this is pancreatic cancer, but from the look of your scan I am fairly certain that you have pancreatic cancer.

How are you feeling?

I can see that this information is clearly upsetting which is understandable. These are normal emotions to have.

The next steps include first getting a biopsy and then moving forward. If the biopsy confirms pancreatic cancer, we will then need to assess if you are a surgical candidate.

Only 10-15% of cases of pancreatic cancer are able to be surgically removed. The surgery itself is a dangerous surgery. If you are able to undergo surgery, the survival rate at five years after surgery is 10%.

Unfortunately pancreatic cancer is an aggressive cancer and if you are not a surgical candidate then the average survival time is 6 months. We can perform treatments to alleviate your pain during this time.

I wish the news were better, Mr. X?

Do you have any concerns or questions?

I am here for you throughout this, if you have any questions please reach out to me.