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Unit 9: Oil, Reform, WWI and 1920s


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Discovery of Oil
Spindletop, 1901
a building equipped to refine or process products such as oil, metals, or sugars
a town that experiences sudden growth in population and business
a framework or tower that supports a drill over a deep hole
Boom and bust cycle
the series of events that increase economic activity then suffers a decline in activity then an increase again
Oil (Political Impact)
The Texas Railroad Commission was established to regulate and control oil prices
Oil (Economical Impact)
Oil industry and production increase; Making more money for the area.
Oil (Geographical)
Oil attracted more people in the area; population increased
September 8, 1900
Hurricane hits Galveston, destroying the city
Sea Wall
People of Galveston built this to prepare for future hurricanes
another word for "change"
another word for "voting"
Education reform
Includes changes like 1. students received free textbooks, 2. created school districts, and 3. age requirements
Political reform
Includes changes like the primary elections
19th Amendment
Women's right to vote
Women's Suffrage
a significant period of time where women protested for their right to vote
the banning of all alcohol sales
18th Amendment
the United States Law that put a strict ban on alcohol throughout the country in 1919.
Examples of Temperance groups
Women's Christian Temperance Union and Texas Anti-Saloon League
1920s Era
a time of high economic growth in the U.S.; also known as the "Roaring 20s"
1930s Era
a time of low economic activity, drought, and unemployment; also known as "The Great Depression"
Archduke Franz Ferdinand
the assassination of this Prince of Austria-Hungary caused WW1 to begin
Passenger ship that was shot down by Germans on it's way to Britain
Zimmerman telegraph
Secret message to Mexico from the Germans requesting them to join the war against the Americans
Central Powers
Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire
Allied Powers
Great Britain, Russia, France, U.S., etc
Treaty of Versailles
Peace agreement that ended World War I
This country had the most powerful navy in the world during WW1
Choosing not to fight or to choose a side

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