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Sandwhich Generationresponsible for caring for their children and their aging parnetsThe glass ceilingan invisible barrier to career advancement for woman and minoritiesmidlife crisis mythlife evaluation that is usually positiveandrogyny in midlifebetter psychological health and felxibility and maturityHealth life expectancyyears expected to live in full health, without disease or injurycharacteristics of wisdomuniversal and cross-cultural association with age and overcoming adversityvision sensory lossdifficulty and changes with daily activitieshearing sensory losssocial isolation and lower self efficiencytaste and smell sensory lossdietary and safety riskstouch sensory lossdifficulty with judgement on fine textureDementiaimpairments to thought and behavior that disrupt daily lifeAlzheimers disease affects70% of dementia patientsVascular affects15% of dementia patientsTerminal Declineaccelerated deterioration of functioning prior to deathcognitive changes in late adulthood include...neuron loss, central neuron system and autonomic nervous system are less efficientWorking in late adulthood can...increase the longevity of lifeego transcendenceface reality of death constructing, efforts to make life more secure, meaningful for younger generationsreminiscencetelling stories about the pastself focused reminiscencelinked to adjustment problemsother focused reminiscencesolidifies relationshipsknowledge basedeffective problem solving strategies, teaching younger peopleperson environment fitmatch between perosons abilities and demands of living environmentscontinulty theoryeffort to maintain consistency between past and anticipated futuresexual minority in late adulthoodhappy, highly satisfied, and healthierretirement reasons to doroutine boring job, spouse retiring, or declining healthretirement reasons for not to dohappy work environment, spouse working, good healthdespairfell many decisions were wrong, bitter, unaccepting of death, expressed as deathdependency support scriptattend immediately to dependent behaviorsfeminization of povertywomen represent disproportionate percentage of worlds poorhospice carecomprehensive program of support for terminally ill and their families focusing on the quality of lifeagonal phase of deathrattle breathing, gasps, and muscle spasmsclinical phase of deathheartbeat, circulation, breathing, and brain stop but resuscitation is still possiblemortality phase of deathpermanent deathdeath anxietymostly in adolescents, declines in late adulthood, and women more so than menrestorationdual process model of coping with loss, alternate between dealing with loss and attending to life changesbereavement interventions-general supportsympathy and understanding patiently listeningbereavement interventions-interventionsgroup or individual interventions support groupsbereavement interventions-children and adolescentsafter violent death, protection from re exposure foster caring relationships with adultsbereavement interventions-difficult situationssudden, violent, unexplainable deaths loss of a childkubler-ross 5 stagesdenial anger bargaining depression acceptancedying at homemost preferred and done by 1/4 of americansThe process of giving and guiding younger generations is calledgenerativitylevinsons task characterized by acknowledging past hurtful acts and trying to leave a legacy is calleddestruction-creationwhich of the following is is not one of the big five personality traitsanxiousnessadults in middle age caring for both parents and children are called the sandwhich genereation ?truean invisible barrier to women advancement in the corporate world are calledglass cielingstrue or false everyone will experience a midlife crisis upon reaching the age of 40falsethe number of years an individual is expected to live in full health, without disease or injuryhealthy life expectancyloss of which sensory produces social isolation, lower self efficiancy, and reduced safteyhearingdisease involving imapirments to daily life thought and behaivor are calleddementiatype of dementia caused by a series of strokes that produce step by step deenration of the brainvascularthe accelerated deterioration of functioning prior to death is calledterminal declinewhich of the following is NOT a protective agent against alziehmers diseasestress managementpeck's process of facing death and constructively and making life more secure is calledego transcendenceprocess of tellig stories about the pastin order to teach younger generations is calledreminiscencethe goal of maching a persons abilities to their living surroundings is known asperson-enviornment fitthe effort to maintain consistency between the past and anticipate future is known ascontinuity throryexperiencing oprression in life can contribute to coping i LGBT individuals true or falsetruewhich of the following is not a reasons to delay retirementadquent health benefits