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structured ranking- (separate the haves from the have nots)

closed system

stratification that does not allow movement

open system

stratification that allows change

types of stratification

slavery, caste, social class


closed system, ascribed status


closed system ascribed status based on religon

social class (system)

open system, ascribed and achieved - tied to economics

social class (define)

a category of people who share a similiar position in stratification .

pillars of social class

wealth (NOT INCOME), education, occupational prestige

cultural capitol

social assets including value system, beliefs, language and culture ("taste" preference. nascar v opera, what fork do you use?)

functionalist and stratification

useful and inevitable- greater rewards to better positions

conflict and stratification

oppertunity hoarding, ensures lack of talent development

symbolic interactionalist and stratification

how you learn your place in society, social institutions reinforce distinctions among social classes (beliefs actions and identity tied to social class)

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