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Dental Assistant

Person who assist with surgery and set up exam rooms

Dental Hygienist

Person who cleans teeth and develop x-rays


Person who examine, diagnose, and treat mouth disease

Oral Surgeon

Person who perform surgery on teeth and jaw


Medical doctor who specializes in eye disease and surgery


Person who examine eyes and prescribe correct lenses


person who make and fit glasses or contacts for prescription


Person who diagnoses, treats, and perform surgery on animals

Veterinary Technician (Vet Tech)

Under Vet for handling and caring of animals, assist with surgery, and perform lab tests

Veterinary Assistant

Feed, Bathe, And groom animals and prepare animals for surgeries

Electrocardiograph Technician (EKG Tech)

person who operate machine records heart impulses

Electroencephalographic Technologist (EEG)

Person who operate machine to record electric activity in the brain

Medical Laboratory Technologist

Person who study tissues, fluids, and cells of the body to help determine the presence and/or cause of disease


A technician that collects blood and prepares it for testing

Radiologic Technologist

Person who takes pictures of internal parts of the body to help diagnose injury or disease

Cardiovascular Technologist

Person who assist cardiologist with invasive test of the heart

Medical Doctor (MD)

a doctoral degree for physicians

Doctor of Osteopathy (DO)

like MD but more focus in body's muscle-skeletal system

Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM)

Person who treat and diagnoses disorder, diseases and injuries of foot and lower leg

Doctor of Chiropractic (DC)

person who diagnose and treat patients with health problems of the muscle-skeletal system under physician

Physician's Assistant (PA)

Person who takes medical history, routine physical exam, preliminary diagnoses, treats minor injuries, and prescribe and administer treatments

Occupational Therapist

Person who teach/ motivate patients to improve patient disability to allow independence for ADL or work

Physical therapist

person who assist patients to regain strength and mobility after an illness/ injury and due to a chronic medical emotion

Recreational therapist

Person who help people with disabilities to improve their qualities of life using games, sports, arts, and life skills.

Respiratory therapist

person who provides treatments to patients with breathing problems due to illness or injury

speech- language pathologist

person who diagnoses and treats speech disorders such as stuttering/ lisping/ or due to illness/ injury


individual who is licensed to prepare and dispense drugs and has extensive knowledge of their properties


Professional trained to assess nutrition status and recommend appropriate diet therapy.

Registered nurse

a specialist, licensed to work directly with patients, administering treatments as ordered by the physician

Emergency Medical Technician

provides basic care for medical emergencies, illness, injury


a medical doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders; can prescribe medication


holds an advanced degree but is not a medical doctor; evaluates and treats emotional problems and mental illness

Social Worker

the link b/w people who need help and the ones that can help them. They help the person and his family accept and adjust to life w/ a mental disorder

Medical Records Administrator

person who plans the system for storing and obtaining information from records

Medical Records Technician

Organize and code patient records, gather statistical data

Unit Secretary/ Ward Clerk/ Unit Coordinator

person who extended care facilities, Clinics, and other health facilities to record information on records

Health Care Administrator

manages the operation of a health care facility

Medical Scientist

a scientist who studies disease processes to prevent disease

Biomedical Engineer

person who uses engineering to solve problems in biology and medicine to improve patient care and design new medical devices

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