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George Washington
1789-1797 Federalist
Whiskey Rebellion; Judiciary Act; Neutrality; Farewell Address
John Adams
1797-1801 Federalist
XYZ Affair; Alien and Sedition Acts
Thomas Jefferson
1801-1809 Democratic-Republican
Marbury v. Madison; Louisiana Purchase; Embargo of 1807
James Madison
1809-1817 Democratic-Republican
War of 1812; First Protective Tariff
James Monroe
1817-1825 Democratic-Republican
Missouri Compromise of 1820; Monroe Doctrine
John Quincy Adams
1825-1829 Democratic-Republican
"Corrupt Bargain"; "Tariff of Abominations"
Andrew Jackson
1829-1837 Democrat
Nullification Crisis; Bank War; Indian Removal Act
Martin Van Buren
1837-1841 Democrat
Trail of Tears; Specie Circular; Panic of 1837
William Henry Harrison
1841 Whig
"Tippecanoe and Tyler too!"; First Whig President
John Tyler
1841-1845 Whig
"His Accidency"; Webster-Ashburton Treaty
James Polk
1845-1849 Democrat
Texas annexation; Mexican War
Zachary Taylor
1849-1850 Whig
Mexican War hero and staunch Unionist
Millard Fillmore
1850-1853 Whig
Compromise of 1850
Franklin Pierce
1853-1857 Democrat
Kansas-Nebraska Act; Gadsden Purchase
James Buchanan
1857-1861 Democrat
Dred Scott decision; Harpers Ferry raid
Abraham Lincoln
1861-1865 Republican
Secession and Civil War; Emancipation Proclamation
Andrew Johnson
1865-1869 Democrat
13th and 14th amendments; Radical Reconstruction; Impeachment
Ulysses Grant
1869-1877 Republican
15th amendment; Panic of 1873
Rutherford Hayes
1877-1881 Republican
Compromise of 1877; labor unions and strikes
James Garfield
1881, Republican
Brief resurgence of presidential authority; Increase in American naval power; Purge corruption in the Post Office
Chester Arthur
1881-1885 Republican
Standard Oil trust created
Edison lights up New York City
Grover Cleveland
1885-1889 (1st term), 1893-1897 (2nd term) Democrat
Interstate Commerce Act; Dawes Act; Panic of 1893; Pullman Strike
Benjamin Harrison
1889-1893 Republican
Sherman Anti-Trust Act; Closure of the frontier
William McKinley
1897-1901 Republican
Spanish-American War; Open Door policy
Theodore Roosevelt
1901-1909 Republican
Progressivism; Square Deal; Big Stick Diplomacy
William Howard Taft
1909-1913 Republican
Dollar diplomacy
NAACP founded
Woodrow Wilson
1913-1921 Democrat
WWI; League of Nations; 18th and 19th amendments; Segregation of federal offices; First Red Scare
Warren Harding
1921-1923 Republican
"Return to normalcy", return to isolationism; Tea Pot Dome scandal; Prohibition
Calvin Coolidge
1923-1929 Republican
Small-government (laissez-faire) conservative
Herbert Hoover
1929-1933 Republican
"American individualism"; Stock Market Crash; Dust Bowl; Hawley-Smoot Tariff
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
1933-1945 Democrat
New Deal; WWII; Japanese Internment; "Fireside Chats"
Harry Truman
1945-1953 Democrat
A-bomb; Marshall Plan; Korean War; United Nations
Dwight Eisenhower
1953-1961 Republican
Brown v. Board of Education; Second Red Scare; Highway Act and suburbanization ("white flight"); Farewell Address warning of the military industrial complex
John Kennedy
1961-1963 Democrat
Camelot; Bay of Pigs; Cuban Missile Crisis; Space program; Peace Corps
Lyndon Johnson
1963-1969 Democrat
Civil and Voting Rights acts; Gulf of Tonkin Resolution; Great Society
Richard Nixon
1969-1974 Republican
Environmental Protection Act; China visit; Moon Landing; Watergate
Gerald Ford
1974-1977 Republican
Pardoning of Nixon; OPEC crisis
Jimmy Carter
1977-1981 Democrat
stagflation / energy crisis; Iran hostage crisis; Camp David Accords
Ronald Reagan
1981-1989 Republican
Conservative revolution; Iran-Contra scandal
George H. W. Bush
1989-1993 Republican
Persian Gulf War
Bill Clinton
1993-2001 Democrat
NAFTA; Lewinsky scandal and impreachment
George W. Bush
2001-2008 Republican
War on terrorism; Patriot Act; Tax cuts; "No Child Left Behind"
Barack Obama
2008-2017 Democrat
Affordable Care Act
Donald Trump
2017-? Republican
"Make America Great Again"

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