Philo Farnsworth Test


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Where was Philo T. Farnsworth born?
Indian Creek, Utah in a log cabin
When was Philo Farnsworth born?
August 19, 1906
Where was Philo when he got his first idea for television?
1921, potatoe field. He got the idea of the LINES
When Philo and his family moved to Idaho, what did he find that ignited his passion to invent?
Magazines of Science and Radio in his attic (Popular Science)
What was one of the first things he invented around his home?
Power system (motor) to operate his mother's washing machine
Who was the first person to see and understand his idea for image dissection?
His high school chemistry teacher
What was the main difference between Philo's idea and the technology of the time?
mechanical vs. electrical
Where and when did Philo meet Les Gorrell and George Everson?
1925, California. Utah Street Cleaning Company
After Philo described his idea to Gorrell and Everson, what did the 3 men agree to?
invest money to create a PROTOYPE and together they formed Everson Farnsworth Gorrell
How much $$ did the original financers give Philo?
$6,000 in 1925
3 days after marrying Pem, the couple moved to Los Angeles. What year was it and how old were they?
May 1926. Philo was 19 and Pem was 18
How many months after moving to LA were the partners ready to test their invention?
3 months
What happened when they powered it up?
It exploded and blew up. Caused a power surge
Realizing they needed more money, the financiers approached a bank for more money. How much did they give to the investment and what did Philo promise in return?
$25,000; Philo promised he would have a "picture" in a year/a working TV set in one year
On what day did Farnsworth and his business partners first see a transmitted image?
September 7, 1927
What did Farnsworth and his business partners see when they saw their first transmitted image?
A blue line
How big was the image?
a size of a postage stamp
Each day Farnsworth kept precise notes of the days activities. Why was this important?
They were his only protection (proof) against Patton
What Westinghouse engineer approached David Sarnoff with his request of $100,000 to continue his race toward electronic television? What did Sarnoff do?
Vladimir Zworykin. Sarnoff gave money and didn't say anything
When did Vladimir Zworykin go to visit Farnsworth?
in the spring of 1930
Why did Farnsworth agree to a visit and a working example of his invention with Vladimir Zworykin?
He thought they were going to help him
What did Vladimir Zworykin do after seeing a working example of the camera tube?
Had a telegram of 700 words in detail to RCA
In what year did Philo Farnsworth sign a secret deal with Philco?
What is Philco?
Laboratory in Philadelphia
What happened to make Farnsworth leave Philco?
His 13 month old son died from a throat infection (baby kenny) Farnsworth does not attend funeral
After leaving Philco, Farnsworth regained his passion and began working furiously once again to get electronic televison to the world. When and where did he ultimately do this?
1933 Franklin Institute in Philadelphia
When did Farnsworth open up the first experimental television station and what station was it?
Summer of 1936; W3XPF
Why did the first television station not work out? What happened and what did the broadcast industry realize?
No industry standard. TV sets had their own cable and nothing was compatible
When and where did RCA unveil their electronic television?
April 29,1939 New York Fair
How many US and foreign patents does Farnsworth have?
approx. 1500
When did Philo Farnsworth first file his patent for electronic television?
January 7, 1927
When was the patent for electronic televion issued?
August 20, 1930
What is the electronic television patent number?
How many years of litigation did Philo Farnsworth suffer through with the power RCA?
7 years
In what month and what year did RCA first pay royalties to Farnsworth?
October 1939
When were Farnsworth's key patents set to expire?
What happened to keep Farnsworth from realizing financial success when he finally won the patent war with RCA? Why?
beginning of WW2. All productions stopped because there was not enough money
For the last 20 years of Farnsworth's life, what did he do?
studied nuclear fusion
According to his wife, what was Philo most proud of about television?
July 21, 1969- People were able to see a man land on the moon
According to his family, how did Philo finally get recognition for his inventions?
The statue of himself in Utah & D.C.
What date did Philo Farnsworth die and how?
Pnuemonia; March 11, 1971