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Theatre Chap 1

A Thanksgiving Day parade is theater in its broadest sense.
All art forms use certain elements while eliminating others.
The medium of theater involves performers on stage enacting a dramatic story.
Even when performers play animals, inanimate objects, or abstract ideas, they are portrayed with human traits further confirming that the subject matter of theater is always human beings.
There is an impulse toward theater in all societies.
Greek or Roman or Shakespearean theatre most often serve as the roots for most film and television productions today.
Theater is an event that occurs through time.
Rituals, religious ceremonies, and celebrations do not share elements of theater.
The primary aspect of theatre that distinguishes it from film and television is a presentation by performers in the presence of a live audience without the opportunity for editing the performance.
While classic visual arts and literature will remain the same for all time the transitory nature of live Theatre performances occur like a living flame in a unique instant of time.
True (check on pg 7)
Unlike the visual arts and literature, the performing arts are not events, but objects.
The essence of Literature and Visual Arts capture stories a moment at a time whereas Theatre, which is transitory in nature, seems to bring those moments to life spontaneously while being
observed by an audience.
True (check on pg 7)
As scientific knowledge of the universe expands and the human beings' significance in the universe decreases, the central focus of Theatre on the human condition will certainly not continue.
In many respects, a play is similar to a blueprint for a building that is brought to life.
Frequent use of flashback techniques proves that Theater takes place in a perpetual past
The repetition and visual impact of ritual ceremonies around the world relate directly to the structure of theatrical scripts and use of costumes and props in live performance.
Due to religious prohibitions and political censorship multiethnic and multicultural forms of theatre have experienced limited development worldwide.
The term deus ex machina, which means literally "god from a machine," has come to stand for
any device that _________________________.
brought in arbitrarily to solve problems in play. (look in book again)
Many types of films and television dramas trace their _________________ directly to live theatre,
and the techniques applied to dramatic works by modern theatre professionals -- and the approaches
taken -- are ______________ in theatre.
Origins and Rooted
One aspect of theater is a presentation by performers in front of an audience. Other aspects are
__________ and____________________.
Costume and story telling
In most countries around the globe Theatre did not simply appear or develop slowly over time but
it became a _________________ art form that can impact countless global societies.
A __________________ is a formal religious ceremony or social occasion, usually led by
designated authority figure such as a priest or chief. A ______________ is the acting out of an
established, prescribed procedure that can range from a family event to elaborate religious
ceramony and ritual