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  1. factor that is manipulated by the experimenter in an experiment
  2. factor in an experiment that can change if the independent variable is changed
  3. replacement for the metric system; based on a decimal system using the number 10 as the base unit; includes the meter: (m), second: (s), and kilogram: (kg)
  4. a principle that describes the behavior of a natural phenomenon
  5. an idea, a system, or a mathematical expression that represents the idea being explained
  6. the part of Earth from its surface to its center

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  1. astronomystudy of objects beyond Earth's atmosphere


  2. meteorologystudy of materials that make up Earth and the processes that form and change these materials, and the history of the planet and its life-forms since its origin


  3. scientific theorya series of problem-solving procedures that help scientists conduct experiments


  4. hypothesisa testable explanation of a situation


  5. controlstandard for comparison in an experiment


  6. biospherethe part of Earth from its surface to its center