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Theatre Chap 3

Because a "collective mind" is created when a large number of people are gathered
into a group, the background of the individual spectator has little to do with the
theater experience.
Women comprised the largest part of the audience in ancient Greece.
Because artists are often accused of being "antisocial," "subversive," or "enemies of
the state," and are thus outsiders, the art that they produce is often unrelated to the
society in which it is produced.
The Federal Theatre Project was created in the 1970s by the National Endowment
for the Arts as a way of promoting Native American theatre productions.
Art may question society's views or reaffirm them, but it cannot escape them; the two
are indissolubly linked.
While the latter part of the fifth century B.C. in Greece is considered to be a golden
age for politics, philosophy, art, and architecture, for the theater is was a time of
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During the Elizabethan era, women were barred from performing on the legitimate
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The bringing together of cultures by population shifts and swift global
communication, and the challenges to long-held beliefs characterized by the writings
of Charles Darwin, Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, and Albert Einstein, are reflected in
the eclecticism and fragmentation of contemporary theater.
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Although their mutual societies were vastly different both the Greek and Elizabethan
theaters shared a strong connection between the type of theatre they presented and
the times and social conditions they lived in.
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Knowledge of the play or playwright is rarely necessary for a successful theater
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While Broadway theaters are all within the district near Times Square in New York
City, the styles of their architecture and types of their stages vary considerably.
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To perform in repertory means to present several plays on alternate nights.
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While women were not allowed to perform on Greek stages during Classical times,
they did act in wandering mime troupes.
Until the early 1950s, most new plays written in the United States originated in
regional theaters.
Off-Broadway theater began in the 1950s as an alternative to Broadway and is
located in smaller theaters outside the Times Square district.
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While the trend toward diversity in the American theater has given birth to many
multiethnic, multicultural, and gender theater companies representing groups with
special interests, plays produced by these theaters rarely enter the mainstream of
American theater
Off-off-Broadway shows are usually produced wherever inexpensive space is
available—churches, lofts, warehouses, large basements—and are characterized by
low-priced productions and a wide variety of offerings.
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Live Theatre is actually flourishing throughout the United States, even in areas where
professional theatre may not be present there are typically active college and
university theatre programs in addition to numerous amateur community theatre
When a person watches a play, it is expected that they will ignore their own
individual memories, emotional scars, and private fantasies.
Women played an important role in the creation of Greek theater during the Classical