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What was the Natchez' most important crop?


What is the way of life, or the beliefs, ideas, and language of a group of people called?


What means to change the way you live?


What did the Louisiana Indians build to hold ceremonies?

The Great Sun

Who was the king and god of the Natchez Indians?

They used natural resources such as wooden poles, mud, leaves, grass, sticks.

What did the Louisiana Indians use to build their shelters?


What is the air, water, soil, and living things around us called?


What is a formal act or event that honors a people's beliefs?

They told stories and sang songs.

How did the Natchez Indians record their beliefs?

They ate deer, fish, corn, beans, pumpkins.

What did the Louisiana Indians eat?

natural resources

On what did the Louisiana Indians depend for food, clothing, and shelter?

Native Americans

Who were the first people to live in Louisiana?

Natchez Indians

Which Indians lived along the MIssissippi River?

They used natural resources.

How did the Louisiana Indians adapt to their environments?

Caddo, Tunica, Natchez

List 3 Indian groups that lived in Louisiana by 1700.

They used natural resources to meet all of their needs for living.

Why did the Indians have such a deep respect for nature?

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