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Mass Media Law FINAL EXAM

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• Voir Dire—prospective jurors are questioned before being impaneled to discover if there is any bias
-Challenge for cause: asking for a potential juror to be excused based on something such as deep-seated prejudice or knowing one of the parties involved
-Preemptory challenge: asking for a juror to be excused for no reason (the number is always limited)
• Change of Venue—relocation of a trial in order for a non-partial jury to be selected
• Change of Venireman—not changing the location of the trial...but impaneling a jury selected from another location
• Continuance—trial delayed for weeks or months hoping that the publicity and emotions will die down. If granted, the defendant is giving up his or her right to a speedy trial.
• Admonition to the Jury—jurors may be asked not to read newspapers, watch TV news or read news online during the trial. Judges tell juries to come to a verdict solely on the evidence in the case
• Sequestration of the Jury—jurors are not allowed to go home day to day. They are housed in a hotel, eat meals together, relax together and go to the courthouse together. In this case, telephone calls, email, texting, etc. are either screened or not allowed.
• "Gag" orders—limit the discussion of the case outside of the courtroom
• Anonymous juries—rarely used. Normally only to protect jurors from harm
• Protecting potential witnesses from outside influences
• Limitation on attendance from the media—sometimes "press pool"
• Retrial if the process has been "contaminated" by the media coverage