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Windows 7 Configuration 70-680

If a user has the Deny Full Control permission for the root of the D: drive and the Allow Full Control permission for D:\Documents, then the user's effective permissions for D:\Documents will be ______ Full Control


A user calls the help desk and asks you why she cannot send print jobs to a shared printer that is using Windows 7 as a print server. You determine that the problem is related to the printer permissions. The user cannot send jobs to the printer because she only has the ________ permission for the printer.

manage documents

In the Windows printing architecture, name one of the two hardware components ________.

print server

Jack has the Allow Print, Allow Manage Documents, and Allow Manage Printers permissions to a printer with a priority of 1. Jill has the Allow Print permission to a printer with a priority of 10, connected to the same print device. If Jack and Jill both submit a print job at exactly the same time, ________'s print job will be processed first.


The primary function of a printer driver is to take printer commands generated by applications and convert them into _______ commands.


In the NTFS permission system,
______ permissions are actually combinations of ________permission.


When no users have NTFS permissions to access a particular file, the only person who can regain access to it is the _________.


To share a printer, you must be a member of the ________ group.


To create a share called DOCS and hide it from network users, you must assign it the name _____.


To share a printer with network users, you must first open the Network and Sharing Center and turn on two items. Name one of the two items ___________.

network discovery

Granting users the Manage Printers permissions enables them to submit jobs to the printer.


All permissions are stored in the access control list of the element being protected.


A security principal is the person granting permissions to network users.


NTFS permissions always take precedence over share permissions.


To create a printer pool, you must create a separate printer for each print device.


Granting someone the Allow Manage Printers permission enables them to submit jobs to the printer.


To assign different printer priorities to two different groups, you must create two printers.


When you move an NTFS file to a location on the same volume, the file's existing permissions move with it.


When you install a printer for a print device connected to a Windows 7 computer's USB port, you must specify the print device's manufacturer and model.


When you open a print queue window and cancel the document that is currently printing, the print device stops immediately.


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