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NEF Advanced 2B Time

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give sb a hard time
idiom: make things difficult for someone
have the time of your life
idiom: have fun
kill time
idiom: to spend time doing sth unimportant while you ar wainting for sth
make up for lost time
idiom: , when you haven't seen someone for a long time and you want to spend lots of time with them to compensate
take your time
idiom: do something slowly; don't hurry
at times
now and then, occasionally
now and then, occasionally
pushed for time
idiom: not enough time left, in a hurry
short of time
not having enough time. They were ________, so they did not stop for coffee.
idiom: have plenty of time; have nothing special to do: to have nothing to do or not be busy: Now that he is retired, he's got a lot of time on his ________
time's up
idiom: no more time is available
____ the time we got there the meeting was over.
on time
Karen is very punctual, she is always ___ ______.
in time
The ambulance got there just ____ _____ to save his life.
I'd love to have a break, but I can't ______ the time just now.
He's studying music in his ____ time. = free