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  1. came up w/ the concept of the atom
  2. law of definate porportion (proust's law)
  3. used an oil drop experiment that suspended electrons long enough for him to measure mass
  4. designed the plumb pudding model which explained the distribution of electrons
  5. created data that better explains where electrons are located in the atom

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  1. Plancklaw of definate porportion (proust's law)


  2. Lavoisierelectrons moved in a wave function


  3. Did Aristotle agree with Democritus' concept?came up w/ the concept of the atom


  4. Law of Multiple PorportionsIn a compound of 2 of the same element, the mass of the second element combines with that of the 1st element, and it's ration consists of small whole numbers


  5. Broglielaw of definate porportion (proust's law)


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