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  1. regardless of the size of the sample, a chemical compound will always contain the same elements of the same porportions
  2. law of definate porportion (proust's law)
  3. mass is neither created nor destroyed during ordinary chemical reactions or physical changes
  4. 1.) all matter is composed of atoms
    2.) atoms of the same element are identicle
    3.)atoms can't be subdivided, created, nor destroyed
    4.) atoms of different elements combine to form compounds
    5.) during chemical reactions, atoms are combined, separated,or rearranged
  5. proposed the 1st atomic theory; law of multiple porportions

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  1. Lavoisierelectrons moved in a wave function


  2. Bohrelectrons moved in a wave function


  3. Planckfound out that energy was connected to frequency based on the # planck's constant. Studied color lines


  4. Democritusfound out that the total mass of reactants was = to the total mass of products; Law of Conservation


  5. Thomsonproposed the 1st atomic theory; law of multiple porportions