15 terms

Medical-legal Terms

Threatening a patient
Touching a patient against their will whether or not you cause them harm
Writing or drawing something that can be proven to be damaging to another's character or reputation
Verbalizing something that can be proven to be damaging to another's character or reputation
Informed Consent
Patient must recieve an explanation, (in terms he/she can understand and when he/she is fully alert or competent) of the risks and possible complications of the procedure before he voluntarily signs to give permission.
False Imprisionment
Holding, restrianing or retaining a patient against his will without any legal medical reason to do so.
A serious crime that carries a penalty of imprisonment for more than one year and possibly the death penalty
A lesser crime
Leaving a patient without turning over his care to another qualified healthcare professional
Invasion of Privacy
A civil wrong that unlawfully makes public knowledge any private or personal information without consent or a the wronged person
Commision of an act or failure to perform an act where the respective performance or non-performance deviates from an act that should have been done by a reasonably prudent person under the samee or similar conditions
Negligence as applied to the professional
A legal document that defines disposition of property which take effect after death
Incident Report
This is filled out in the hospital anytime something unusual occurs to either the staff, the patient or a visitor
Civil wrongs as opposed to crimainal acts which can lead to legal action