5.L.2.1 Ecosystems Part 2

Which best describes what makes one ecosystem different from another?
the amount of sunlight, rainfall, temperature, and species types
Which comparison of ecosystems is true?
Grasslands get more rain than deserts.
Which two ecosystems are terrestrial?
forests and grasslands
Which animal would you most likely find in a deciduous forest?
Which is a difference between abiotic and biotic factors?
Abiotic factors are all nonliving things and biotic factors are all living things.
Which lists animals that live in an aquatic ecosystem?
ducks, turtles, amphibians
Which marine ecosystem would be best for organisms that can adapt to both salt water and fresh water?
Which is true of a tropical rainforest?
The tree canopy causes only a small amount of sunlight to reach the ground.
Which list includes organisms commonly found in a deciduous forest?
deer, squirrel, mouse
In which ecosystem would both algae and tadpoles most likely be found?
Which ecosystem contains the largest mammals?
A scientist took pictures of a deer, a black bear, and a squirrel in the wild. In which ecosystem did the scientist most likely take the pictures?
The American grasslands are home to which types of animals?
foxes, prairie dogs, and rabbits
Which is a difference between a tropical rainforest and a deciduous forest?
A tropical rainforest receives a greater annual precipitation than a deciduous forest.
Which type of ecosystem best removes pollutants from water?