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Henri Becquerel,Marie Curie,Ernest Rutherford
Scientist who made contributions to Radioactivity
Father of Nuclear physics
Ernest Rutherford
Uranium spontaneously emits uranic rays
Henri Becquerel
Proton, neutron, nucleus, electron
structure of Atom
very charged, particle in the nucleus, Mass ~1AMU
neutrally, charged particle in nucleus. Mass~1AMU
the protons and neutrons are located in nucleus
very charged particle orbiting the nucleus
Mass number
Number Proton + neutron in the nucleus
Atomic number
Number proton in the nucleus
Alpha, beta, gamma
forms of radiation
is the process in which an unstable atomic nucleus loses energy by emitting radiation in the form of particle or electromagnetic waves
Radioactive Decay
the time required for the amount of radioactive material to decrease by one half
Half life calculation
Radioactivity detected
Scintillation counter: uses sodium iodide crystal that when hit with radiation gives off a flash of light ( scintillates) a counting device scans from the light produced.
Primordial- from before the creation of the Earth
Cosmogenic- formed as a result of cosmic ray interactions
Human produced- enhanced or formed due to human actions( minor amounts compared to natural)
Sources of Radioactivity
Designate and label areas for working with radioactive material
Label all containers with a radioactive material label and specify the isotope
No eating drinking or smoking in laboratory
No mouth pipeting of radioactive material
Preparation- Precautions while working with radioactivity
use pill trays and absorbent covering
use fume hoods for handling potentially volatile material
use glove box for handling large quantities of volatile material
Wear laboratory coat, disposable gloves and laboratory safety glasses
Use gloves appropriate for the chemicals to be handled
Conducting the Research- Precaustions
Monitor and decontaminate surfaces
Dispose of radioactive waste in waste containers in accordance with Appendix G of the Radiation Safety Manual
Insure the container is labeled with radioactive material label and specify the radioisotope in the container.
Post research - Precaustions