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how does a light meter receive the scene one is viewing?

as if it were looking through frosted glass

if the shutter speed is set to 1000 what is the actual time the shutter is open?

1/1000 of a second

what is the setting for capturing an image 6 inches away from the camera?


what are three ways to evaluate color in an image?

1. hue
2. saturation
3. brightness

what do digital cameras use in place of film?

image sensor

what does CCD stand for?

charged coupled device

what is the resolution for sending an image via e-mail according to the book?

600 x 800

what is the size of the prints in class?

8 x 10

when printing, what is the resolution of the image?

at least 300 dpi

what does RGB stand for?

red green blue

what uses RGB?


what does CMYK stand for?

cyan magenta yellow black

what uses CMYK?


what are the three main camera controls to control exposure?

1. shutter speed
2. aperture/f-stop
3. ISO

if the camera's shutter speed is set to 30" then what is the actual time the shutter is open?

30 seconds

what is the minimum shutter speed to stop motion when shooting a moving object?


what is depth of field?

the depth in a scene from foreground to background that will be in sharp focus

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