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ancient biotechnology
Early history of biotechnology as related to food and shelter includes domestication, agriculture
Classical biotechnology
built on ancient biotechnology; fermentation promoted food production and medicine.
Anton Van Leeuwenhoek
used his microscopes to make discoveries in microbiology ie bacteria and protozoa...
Robert Hooke
discovery of cells
Edward Jenner
First vaccine and a model for modern day vaccines
Louis Pasteur
Charles Darwin
Natural selection or proposed survival of the fittest
Gregor Mendel
father of genetics, established two important laws of genetics.
Sutton and Bovery
proposed the chromosome theory of inheritance
Frederick Griffith
transforming principle
Beadle and Tatum
proposed one gene one enzyme
Avery, MacLeod, McCarthy
show that genetic material is DNA
Hershey and Chase
provided conclusive that DNA is genetic material
Franklin and Wilkins
studied structure of DNA by X ray diffraction and almost deciphered it
Messelson and Stahl
showed that DNA replication is semiconservative in nature
Genetic information of cell is stored in DNA
Genetic information of cell
Cell is the functional basic unit of life
a gene is a unit of heredity in living organism
A gene
is single piece of coiled DNA containing many genes
is a nucleic acid that contain s the genetic instruction A,T, G and C nucleotides