17 terms

chapter 6

Storage Medium
secondary storage, the physical material on which a computer keeps data, instructions, and info
the number of bytes a storage medium can hold
storage device
the computer hardware that records and/or retrieves items to and from storage media
the process of transferring these items from a storage medium into memory
Access time
measures the amount of time it takes a storage device to locate an item on a storage medium
Hard Disk
a Storage Device that contains one or more inflexible, circular platters that use magnetic particles to store data, instructions, and info
longitudinal recording
traditional storing, aligned the magnetic particles horizontally around the surface of the disk.
perpendicular recording
hard disks align the magnetic particles vertically , or perpendicular to the disks surface, making greater storage capacities possible
redundant array of independent disks, a group of two or more integrated hard disks
network attached storage, a server connected to a network with the sole purpose of providing storage
disk controller
consists of a special-purpose chip and electronic circuits that control the transfer of data, instructions, and information from a disk to and from the system bus and other components
solid state drive, a storage device that typically uses flash memory to store data, instructions, and info
Cloud storage
an internet service taht provides hard disk storage to computer users
LightScribe technology
work with specially coated optical disks, to etch labels directly on the disc
optical disc
consists of a flat, round, portable, disc made of metal, plastic, and lacquer
magnetic stripe card
credit card, bank card...
smart card
stores data on a thin microprocessor embedded in the card, ATM