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vector quantity

requires magnitude and direction (velocity and acceleration)

scalar quantity

requires magnitude only (mass/speed)


pictorial presentation of a vector quantity

length of arrow

shows magnitude

direction of arrow

shows direction


hurts you


helps you

crosswind/ current

helps you (assume perpendicular)


4 sides opposite angles are parallel and congruent

√2 =


2 components are at right angles with the same magnituedes

use √2 rule


√2 x side




any object that moves through the air or through space, acted on only by gravity

vertical component

responsible for hang time (gravity

horizontal component

only responsible for range (air resistance

horizontal and vertical

are independent of each other

Fig 3.9

falling at same rate both affected by gravity


shows magnitude and direction of projectile


vector sum of two or more component vectors


the process of resolving a vector into components

Fig 3.11

at peak v is 0 and h becomes resultant and never goes slower that that

fig 3.13

same speed at every attempt , different ranges


curves away @ 5m

minimum speed km/s, 8000

8 km/s, 8000 m/s, 18000 mi/h (burn up)

with satellite have to go

over 150km above earth or it will burn up

how high

d=1/2gt(squared) (vertical)

how fast

sp= d/t (range)

how far

d=spxt (range)

how long

t=d/sp (range or t=√2d/g(vertical)

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