13 terms

ICP Terms Ch 2

Ch 2 vocabulary terms
to increase speed or change direction
the change of speed over time
average speed
how fast something moves over a certain distance
conceptual model
a written description or diagram based on ideas and observations
occurs when the change in speed or acceleration occurs in the negative direction
dependent variable
the variable in an experiment that changes in response to the choices made
free fall
the acceleration of a falling object under the influence of gravity
graphical model
a model that shows the relationship between two variables on a graph so that the relationship is easily seen and understood
the attractive force that exists between any two objects that have mass
independent variable
the variable in an experiment that is manipulated by the experimenter and that causes change in the dependent variable in the experiment; plotted in the x-axis of a graph
Instantaneous speed
the speed of an object at specific point
physical model
models that are made of materials that can be touched and measured
scientific model
a model that represents relationships between variables