Astronomy Test Review 3

Which of the following happens first during star formation?
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What event causes a main-sequence star to leave the main sequence?Fusion in the core stopsIn what stage is a dying star in the asymptotic red giant branch??In what stage is a planetary nebula generated?Stage 12Which of these describes Stage 13 of the evolution of a star?The extremely hot core of the star is left behind, luminous only because of its high temperatureWhich of these describes a brown dwarf?Luminous object that had too little mass to become a starThe sub-giant branch is where a star in stage __ resides8After helium fusion in the core stops, which of the following is correct?The core shrinks, and is surrounded by two layers of fusionDuring which of these stages is a star most luminous??Why does a star move left (higher surface temperature) across the H-R Diagram in stage 12??What happens during stage 9 of a star's development?The star becomes a red giantHow could a globular cluster be identified?Large numbers of red giantsHow could an open cluster be identified?All of the aboveDuring the entire process of star formation (stages 1-7), which of the following is true?The star is contracting and heating upThe area around a star in a binary system where one star is gravitationally dominant describes:Roche lobeWhich of the following describes a contact binary?Both stars have material that extends past their Roche lobeIn which type of binary system is it possible to transfer mass from one star to another, but not possible to transfer that mass back to the first star?Semidetached binaryWhen helium fuses into carbon, how many helium nuclei are required?3What type of explosion happens when a white dwarf heats up material to the point that fusion occurs outside the core?NovaWhat type of explosion can create heavy elements?Type 2 SupernovaWhat type of explosion happens when a massive star dies?Type 2 SupernovaWhat type of explosion happens when a white dwarf picks up too much material and ignites fusion throughout the white dwarf all at once?Type 1 SupernovaWhat type of explosion can create a neutron star??Which element has the lowest energy nucleus?IronWhen fusing elements heavier than carbon, which element is most frequently used?HeliumWhich of these best describes the CNO cycle??Why does earth have gold, silver, lead, and other heavy elements?Earth (and the sun) formed from the nebula a supernova left behindWhy are supernovas required to make the heaviest elements?Fusion past iron requires a lot of extra energyWhich of these can create X-ray bursts?Neutron Star collecting materialWhich of these can create Gamma ray bursts??If mass is compressed past its ___________, it becomes a black hole.Schwartzchild radiusThe event horizon:Is the point at which no material can escape a black holeWhich of these is not true of a neutron star?It is rapidly fusing neutrons togetherIf a neutron star occasionally points a jet of radiation at earth as it spins, we call it:A pulsarWhich type of explosion can happen more than once?NovaIf a neutron star collects a lot of material from a nearby star, what can happen?It speeds up, becoming a millisecond pulsarWhy does a neutron star have jets of radiation?The magnetic field stops particles from leaving in most directions (except for the magnetic poles)Which of the following is not a rule of special relativity?Gravity causes space to warpWhy can a black hole cause time to behave weirdly?Acceleration and gravity are equivalentHow did scientists first prove that gravity can bend light?They found a star that was out of position near the sun during a solar eclipseWhat happens to light as it moves away from a strong gravitational field?Gravitational redshift