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a device that can receive store process and transmit data

3 task involved in a computer application

input process output

computer program

is a set of instructions for the computer to follow

computers are classified according to

speed cost and size

types of computers

microcomputers minicomputers mainframes supercomputers

computer hardware

physical components of a computer that you can see and touch

input devises

keyboard mouse scanner


processes all the data

memory unit

storse the data

1 or 0

bit (binary digit)


equals 8 bits


temporarily stores data (power off data gone)


can read data but not change it (power off data still there)

output devises

monitor printer


grid of pixels

external storage devises

diklettes (floppy disk)

4 essential components of data communication

sender channel receiver protocols

types of ports

serial port parallel port and usb

network communication

enables you to share data


comunicate over long distances

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