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Herbs 5 Midterm

dang gui si ni tang (Tangkuei Decoction for Frigid Extremites)
hands and feet cold to touch and cold to patient; blood xu s/s (dizziness...)
t: pale w/ white; p: deep and thin (maybe imperceptible)

Cold in the Chs. w/ Underlying Blood Xu
-Cold Injurying the Jue Yin
li zhong wan (Regulate the Middle Pill)
diarrhea- watery stool, n/v, no thirst, loss of appetite, ABD pain that responds to pressure & warmth

MJ Yang Xu= Tai Yin
Xu Cold Uterine Bleeding
SP Failing to Control the Blood for Yang Xu
fu zi li zhong wan (Aconite Accessory Root Pill to Regulate the Middle)
worse ABD/epigastric pain, cold body/extremities, inability to keep food down, sweating, SOB; oral ulcers from SP/ST xu cold; P: faint

MJ Yang Xu- more severe
wu zhu yu tang (Evodia Decoction)
vomit immediately after eating, gnawing hunger, acid regurg; dry heaves or clear fluids w/ vertex h/a; vom/diarrhea w/ cold hands/feet and deathly severe agitation; P: thin/slow or thin/wiry

Yang Ming: ST Xu Cold
Jue Yin or Shao Yin
xiao jian zhong tang (Minor Construct the Middle Decotction)
spasmodic pain reduced by warmth/pressure, lusterless complexion, reduced app; poss. blood xu signs too; low grade fever, cold & sore extremities w/non specific discomfort, dry mouth & throat T: pale bod white coat, P: thin, wiry, moderate

Xu Cold in MJ w/ Underlying Blood Xu
da jian zhong tang (Major Construct the Middle Decoction)
excruciating ABD/EPI pain to the point of not wanting to be touched; strong cold sensation, vomiting so much unable to eat; T: white slippery; P: thin/tight or thin/wiry

Yang Xu Cold in MJ + Excess Cold Pathogen
si ni tang (Frigid Extremities Decoction)
extremely cold extremities, aversion to cold, sleeping with knees drawn up, lethargy with desire to sleep; may develop quickly, like shock; T: pale slippery coat; P: deep/thin or deep faint

Shao Yin
Yang Collapse
KI & SP Yang Xu
shen fu tang (Ginseng and Aconite Accessory Root Decoction)
cold extremities, weak breathing/SOB, dizzy, pale; T: pale; P: faint, almost imperceptible

Acute Collapse of Yang Qi when Wi Deserts w/the Blood
du shen tang (Unaccompanied Ginseng Decoction)
bleeding, extremely pale, lethargic, cold, sweating excessively, weak breathing, post-blood loss or heart failure

Qi Deserting w/the Blood Yang Collapse
si jun zi tang (Four Gentlemen Decoction)
pallid complexion, low soft voice, low appetite, loose stools, weak limbs; T: pale, P: thin or frail

Spleen Qi Xu
liu jun zi tang (Six Gentlemen Decoction)
loss of appetite, N/V, distention/stifling sensation in chest/epi; coughing copious, thin, white sputum; T: thicker white sticky coat, P: slipperier

Concurrent SP Qi Xu & Phlegm
xiang sha liu jun zi tang (Six Gentlemen decoction w/ Aucklandia & Amomum)
excessive fullness after eating very little, belching, abd distention

SP & ST Qi Xu w/damp cold stagnating in MJ
shen ling bai zhu san (Ginseng, Poria, and white Atractylodes Powder)
loose stools/diarrhea, weight loss/emaciation, distention, pallid wan complexion, weakness in extremities. maybe vomit; T: pale with white, P: moderate +- deficient

SP Qi Xu leading to Internally generated Dampness
bu zhong yi qi tang (Tonify the Middle and Augment the Qi Decoction)
intermittent fever worse with exertion, spontaneous sweat, aversion to cold, thirst for warm beverages, SOB, desire to curl up, shiny pale complexion, dizziness/unsteadiness, prolapse, hemorrhoids
P: flooding/deficient or deficient/rootless in SP pos.

SP & ST Xu w/ Inability to Raise the Clear
Qi Xu Fever
Sinking of MJ Qi
yu ping feng san (Jade Windscreen Powder)
aversion to drafts, spontaneous sweating, shiny pale complexion

Xu of Exterior w/Weak & Unstable Wei Qi
sheng mai san (Generate the Pulse Powder)
chronic cough w/ sparse difficult sputum, SOB, spontaneous sweat, dry mouth and tongue; T: pale red body with dry thin coat, P: xu/rapid or xu/thin

Concurrent LU Qi & Yin Xu
bu fei tang (Tonify the Lungs Decoction)
SOB, spontaneous sweating, occasional fever/chills, coughing/wheezing; T: pale P: frail or deficient/large

LU Qi Xu
si wu tang (Four Substance Decoction)
dizziness, blurred vision, lusterless complexion & nails, generalized muscle tension, irregular menses w/little flow or amenorrhea, periumbilical & lower abdominal pain, insomnia; menorrhagia, hard abdominal masses w/reccurent pain, restless fetus
T: pale P: thin & wiry or thin & choppy

Blood Xu
tao hong si wu tang (Four Substance Decoction w/ safflower & Peach Pit)
shortend menstrual cycle w/copious bleeding of dark purple, sticky blood w/ or w/out clots; dysmenorrhea

Concurrent Blood Xu & Blood Stasis
bu gan tang (Tonify the LV Decoction)
headache, dizziness, tinnitus, dry eyes, photophobia, blurred vision, irritability, bad temper, numbness, muscle twitches, malar flush
T: red, dry P: thin, wiry, rapid

LV Blood & Yin Xu
dang gui bu xue tang (Tangkuei Decoction to Tonify the Blood)
hot sensation in the muscles, red face, irritability, thirst w/a desire to drink warm beverages; fever & headache d/t loss of blood
T: pale P:flooding, large, deficient, forceless when pressed

Heat from Xu d/t Blood Xu & Floating Yang
shao yao gan cao tang (Peony and Licorice Decoction)
irritability, sl. chills, spasms of the calf muscles, cramps in the hands, abdominal pain that improves w/ pressure
T: no coat

Spasms & Cramping d/t Xu of Yin, Blood, Body Fluids
ba zhen tang (Eight Treasure Decoction)
pallid or sallow complexion, palpitations w/ anxiety that may be continuous, reduced appetite, sob, laconic speech, easily fatigued extremities, lightheadedness & or vertigo
T: pale w/white coat P: thin & frail or large xu w/out strength

Concurrent Xu of Qi & Blood, often d/t chronic disease or excessive blood loss
shi quan da bu tang (All Inclusive Great Tonifying Decoction)
wan complexion, fatigue, reduced appetite, dizziness, listlessness, dyspnoea, palpitations, spontaneous sweating, night sweats, cold extremities, spermatorrhea, sores that do not heal, irregular periods, continuous spotting from uterine bleeding
T: pale P: thin, frail

Combines Qi & Blood Xu often seen in Consumptive d/o
gui pi tang (Restore the SP Decoction)
forgetfulness, palpitations (w/ or w/out anxiety), insomnia, dream disturbed sleep, anxiety & phobia, feverishness, withdrawl, reduced appetite, pallid & wan complexion, +/ chronic bleeding. women may exp. early periods w/copious pale blood or prolonged almost continuous periods w/little flow
T: pale, w/thin white coat P: thin, frail

SP Qi Xu & HT Blood Xu
Zhi Gan Cao Tang (Honey Fred Licorice decoction)
palpitiations that may be accompanied w/ anxiety, irritability, insomnia, emaciation, sob, constipation, dry mouth & thrat
P: consistently irregular, slow-irregular
coughing of frothy sputum or coughing of blood streaked sputum

Consumptive Condition w/ Qi & Blood Xu
LU Atrophy d/t Consumption
Si Wu Tang
Shi Di Huang: strongly tonifies the LV & KI; nourishes the yin of the blood
Bai Shao: tonifies the blood, preserves the yin, helps settle muscles spasms, prevents other herbs from injuring yin
Dang Gui: enters the LV & HT to tonify & invigorate the blood, moistens the intestines, regulates the relationship btw LV & KI
Chuan Xiong: invigorates the blood, promotes movement of qi, directs blood to head, moves the sea of blood below, releases areas of constraint

Blood Stasis: increase dang qui & chuan xiong or switch out chi shao for bai shao
Dang Gui Bu Xue Tang
Huang Qi: strongly tonifies the original qi of the SP, secures the exterior
Dang Gui: tonifies & invigorates the blood, replenishes the qi of the blood

5:1 ratio
Ba Zhen Tang
Ren Shen: augments the qi
Bai Zhu & Fu Ling: strengthens the SP, dries & leeches out dampness; thus assisting ren shen in strengthening the qi of the SP & LU
Zhi Gan Cao: augments the qi, harmonizes the MJ
Shu Di Huang: nourishes the blood
Bai Shao & Dang Gui: nourish the blood & reinforce the actions of shu di huang
Chuan Xiong: invigorates the blood, promotes the movement of qi
Shi Quan Da Bu Tang
Ba Zhen Tang: ren shen, bai zhu, fu ling, zhi gan cao, shu di huang, bai shao, dang gui, chuan xiong
+ Rou Gui: tonifies the fires at the gate of vitality to assist the yang; its warmth enters the blood to open the vessels & facilitate the movement of blood
+ Huang Qi: stimulates the qi dynamic, raises the yang, disperses blood & essence throughout the entire body

Minimize the side effects of radiation or chemotherapy
Li Zhong Wan
Gan Jiang: warms the SP & ST yang; eliminates interior cold
Ren Shen: strongly tonifies the source qi; which reinforces the yang & rectifies the ascending & descending fx of the MJ
Bai Zhu: tonifies SP & ST (aids ren shen), strengthens the SP, dries dampness
Zhi Gan Cao: augments the MJ qi; harmonizes actions of herbs
Si Ni Tang
Fu Zi: breaks through the yin to resolve the yang, warms & stimulates fire at the gate of vitality so that it disseminates throughout the whole body & reaches the extremities
Gan Jiang: warms the MJ & eliminates cold, which strengthens the SP's transforming & transporting fx (works w/ fu zi)
Zhi Gan Cao: augments the qi, strengthens the SP, reduces toxicity of fu zi, moderates the drying properties of other herbs
Si Jun Zi Tang
Ren Shen: sweet & warms it powerfully tonifies SP qi
Bai Zhu: strengthens the SP, dries damp, w/ ren shen strengthens SP's T&T fx
Fu Ling: leaches out dampness, assists in strengthening the SP, moderates the cloying nature of zhi gan cao to prevent abdominal distention
Zhi Gan Cao: warms & regulates the MJ, moderates the drying of fu ling
Yu Ping Feng San
Huang Qi: strengthens qi; stabilizes the exterior
tonifies the superficial/exterior aspects of the LU's & SP
Bai Zhu: strengthens the SP; augments the qi; reinforces the actions of the chief & strengthens the LU's by cultivating the SP
Fang Feng: circulates in the exterior of the body & expels wind; it does not damage the fluids & further injure the LU's; w/ huang qi it stabilizes the exterior w/out causing pathogenic influences to linger & expels pathogenic influences w/out harming the normal qi
Sheng Mai San
Ren Shen: strongly tonifies the source qi; strengthens the qi that generates the fluids; calms the spirit; acts on the qi of the fluids
Mai Men Dong: nourishes yin; moistens the LU; benefits the ST; generates fluids; clears heat from the HT to eliminates irritability that may occur; acts directly on fluids
Wu Wei Zi: restrains the leakage of LU qi & sweat
generates fluids in the KI's; w/ mai men dong forms a powerful combo for generatingfluids; w/ ren shen rescues injured qi & yin
Song Dynasty
Si Jun Zi Tang- dynasty
Li Dong Yuan
Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang- author
Tai Ping Text, Song Dynasty
Si Wu Tang- Book & Dynasty
Jin Yuan Dynasty
Dang Gui Bu Xue Tang- Dynasty
Shan Han Lun
Shao Yao Gan Cao Tang- book
Zhong Zheng Jing
Zhi Gan Cao Tang- author
liu wei di huang wan (Six ingredient Pill w/ Rehmania)
soreness & weakness in the lower back, lightheadedness, vertigo, tinnitus, diminished hearing, night sweats, spontaneous & nocturnal emissions. may also have: hot palms & soles, chronic dry sore throat, toothache, wasting & thirsting d/o, tx 5 delays
T: red w/ little coat
P: rapid, thin

KI & LV Yin Xu (classic presentation)
Song Dynasty
Liu Wei Di Huang Wan- Dynasty
Qi Ju Di Huang Wan (Lycium Fruit, Chrysanthemum and Rhemania Pill)
dry eyes w/ diminished visual acuity. photophobia, tearing when exposed to drafts, painful eyes

KI & LV Yin Xu and LV Xu is prominent aspect
Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan (Anemarrhena, Phellodendron and Rehmania Pill)
night sweats, dry mouth. urinary difficulty & back pain (from damp heat in LJ)
T: dry
P: large only in rear position

Yin Xu w/ Vigorous Fire, Consumptive Heat, or Steaming Bone d/o
zuo gui wan (Restore the Left Kidney Pill)
lightheadedness, vertigo, soreness & weakness in lower back & legs, spontaneous & nocturnal emissions, spontaneous & night sweats, dry mouth & throat, thirst
T: red, shiny
P: thin, rapid

Damaged True KI Yin Depleting Essence & Marrow
What does Lu Jiao Jiao, Gui Ban Jiao do in the formula Zuo Gui Wan?
supplements flesh/blood- essence and marrow.
Zhang Jing Yue; Ming dynasty
Zuo Gui Wan- author; dynasty
zuo gui yin (Restore the Left KD drink)
lower back soreness, spontaneous emissions, night sweats, dry mouth & throat, thirst w/ a desire to drink,
T: peeled, shiny
P: thin, rapid

KI Xu (esp. marrow & essence)
When the true Yin of the KD is injured, the essence/marrow is depleted
da bu yin wan (Great Tonify the Yin Pill)
steaming bone d/o w/ afternoon tidal fever, night sweats, spontaneous emissions, irritability, sensation of heat & pain in the knees & legs that is sometimes accompanied by weakness. +/- coughing of blood or constant hunger
T: red w/little coat
P: rapid & forceful in rear position

Yin Xu & Flourishing Fire
Jin Yuan Dynasty
Da Bu Yin Wan- dynasty
yi guan jian (Linking Decoction)
hypochondriac pain, epigastric pain, chest pain, dry & parched mouth & throat, acid reflux
T: red, dry
P: thin, frail or xu, wiry
[NEVER USE: for pn or distention from dampness or phlegm]

Yin Xu of LV & KI w/ Qi Stagnation
er zhi wan (Two Solstice Pill)
weakness & soreness of lower back & knees, or even weakness & atrophy of lower extremities, dry & parched mouth & throat, dizziness & blurred vision, insomnia & dream disturbed sleep, spontaneous emissions, premature graying or loss of hair
T: red, dry

LV & KI Yin Xu
bai he gu jin tang (Lily bulb decoction to Preserve the Metal)
cough w/ blood streaked sputum, wheezing, dry & sore throat, hot palms & soles, night sweats
T: red w/ little coat
P: thin, rapid

Internal Dryness of the LUs d/t LU & KI Yin Xu w/ Heat from Xu
bu fei e jiao tang (Tonify the LU Decoction w/ ass-hide Gelatin)
cough w/ wheezing, dry & parched throat, scanty or blood streaked sputum
T: red w/ little coat
P: floating, thin, rapid

LU Yin Xu w/ Vigorous Heat which disrupts the flow of LU qi
shen qi wan (KD Qi Pill)
lower back pain, weakness of lower extremities, a cold sensation in the lower half of the body, tenseness in the lower abdomen. May be: irritable to the point of experiencing difficulty lying down, will breathe most comfortably when leaning against something; urinary difficulty w/ edema or excessive urination +/- incontinence
T: pale, swollen w/thin white moist coat
P: empty or frail that is submerged & faint at proximal position (rou mai)

KI Yang Xu w/ insufficient fire at the gate of vitality
Jing Gue Yao Lue; Zhong Zheng Jing
Shen Qi Wan- book, author
you gui wan (Restore the Right KD Pill)
exhaustion from long term illness, aversion to cold, coolness of extremities, impotence, spermatorrhea, aching & weakness of lower back & knees. May be: infertility, loose stools (+/- undigested food), incontinence, edema or lower extremities

KI Yang Xu w/ waning of fire at the gate of vitality (insufficiency of essence & blood)
Zhang Jing Yue
you gui wan- author
you gui yin (Restore the Right KD Drink)
feebleness & exhaustion, abdominal pain, sore lower back, cold extremities
P: thin

KI Yang Xu
True Cold & False Heat
tu si zi wan (Cuscuta Seed Pll)
exhaustion, aversion to cold, frail physique, dizziness, lower back pain, weakness of lower extremities, frequent scanty urination w/ continuous dripping
P: submerged, thin, frail in proximal position

Ki Qi Xu w/ Inability to Grasp the Essence
zan yu dan (Special Pill to Aid Fertility)
impotence or infertility, listlessness & dispiritedness, aching & weakness of the lower back, pale shiny complexion
P: submerged, thin

Impotence or Infertility d/t Waning of the Fire at the Gate of Vitality & Cold & Xu of Essential Qi
di huang yin zi (Rehmania Decoction)
stiffness of the tongue w/an inability to speak, disability or paralysis of the lower extremitiy, dry mouth w/an absence of thirst
T: greasy yellow coat
P: submerged, slow, thin, frail

Yin Fei (mute paraplegia) d/t Xu of Waning of the Lower Base (KI yin & yang) w/ an Upward Flaring of Xu Yang & Turbid Phlegm Rising Up
er xian tang (Two Immortal Decoction)
hypertension, menstrual irregularity, hot flashes, sweating, nervousness, fatigue, lassitude, depression, irritability, insomnia, palpitations, urinary frequency, sx of menopause

Xu of KI Yin & Yang w/ Flaring up of Fire at the Gate of Vitality
Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang
Huang Qi: strongly augments qi, raises the yang qi of SP & ST
Ren Shen, Bai Zhu & Zhi Gan Cao:warms & tonify MJ Qi
Dang Gui: tonifies qi in the blood (works w/other herbs in the formula to augment qi by invigorating blood); moistens & fills the blood, preventing the warm & dry qi tonics from damaging the yin
Chen Pi: regulates qi, facilitates digestion of herbs, helps raise qi
Sheng Ma & Chai Hu: raises sunken yang qi
Liu Wei Di Huang Wan
Shu Di Huang: Enriches KI Yin & Essence
Shan Zhu Yu: nourishes the LV, restrains leakage of essence (inhibits the improper dispersion & drainage through the LV, allowing the essence to build up in KI)
Shan Yao: stabilizes the essence by tonifying the SP; strengthens transporting fx of SP
Fu Ling: strengthens transporting fx of SP
Mu Dan Pi: clears & drains LV fire
counterbalances the warm properties of shan zhu yu
Ze Xie: clears & drains KI fire
prevents cloying nature of chief from congesting fx of KIs
(Ze Xie + Fu Ling): work together to improve fluid metabolism, promote urination, prevent buildup of stagnant fluids
Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan
Liu Wei Di Huang Wan (Shu Di Huang, Shan Zhu Yu, Shan Yao, Fu Ling, Mu Dan Pi, Ze Xie

+ Zhi Mu, Huang Bai: drain excess heat from the body
Er Zhi Wan
Nu Zhen Zi: enriches the KI, nourishes the LV
Mo Han Lian: nourishes yin, benefits the essence, cools the blood to stop bleeding
Shen Qi Wan
Fu Zi: tonifies source qi, dispels cold, eliminates dampness, strongly promotes movement & reaches down to the source to warm chronic cold cond.
Ghu Zhi: benefits the joints, warms the channels, unblocks the vessels, promotes qi transformation in the UB
w/ Fu Zi: assist yang, enhance metabolism of water, promote unhindered dispersion of yang thoughout the body
Sheng Di Huang: enriches yin, generates fluids
Shan Zhu Yu: tonifes LV & KI
Shan Yao: strengthens SP, stabilizes KI, nourishes the essence, tx xu & consumptive d/o
w/ Shan Zhu Yu: tonify the LV & benefit the SP to tonify & reinforce the essence & blood
Ze Xie: unblocks & regulates the water pathways
Fu Ling: strengthens the SP, drains damp
Mu Dan Pi: clears heat, quells LV fire
(concurrent tonifying & draining)
Tai Yin (Pattern)
li zhong wan- (6 level pattern)
Yang Ming, Jue Yin, Shao Yin
fu zi li zhong wan
Shao Yin
si ni tang (6 pattern level)