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  1. skeletal muscle
  2. origin
  3. prime mover
  4. myoglobin
  5. synergist
  1. a found in muscle cells, temporarily stores oxygen
  2. b muscle that aids prime mover
  3. c muscle most responsible for movement
  4. d voluntary, striations
  5. e attached to the stationary end of a bone

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  1. involuntary, no striations
  2. cell membrane
  3. separates muscles into bundles
  4. fascia that surrounds each muscle fiber
  5. carries the oxygen to the body cells

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  1. Crampattached to the stationary end of a bone


  2. Antagonistmuscle responsible for movement opposite of prime mover


  3. Cardiac musclevoluntary, striations


  4. Fibersingle muscle cell


  5. Atrophymuscle decreases in size, strength, number of fibers