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  1. Fiber
  2. Atrophy
  3. myofibril
  4. synergist
  5. Epimysium
  1. a thick or thin protein filaments (myosin or actin)
  2. b single muscle cell
  3. c muscle that aids prime mover
  4. d muscle decreases in size, strength, number of fibers
  5. e fascia that surrounds entire muscle

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  1. cell membrane
  2. muscle responsible for movement opposite of prime mover
  3. involuntary, no striations
  4. carries the oxygen to the body cells
  5. fascia that surrounds each muscle fiber

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  1. insertionmuscle that aids prime mover


  2. Cardiac muscleinvoluntary, no striations


  3. Crampmuscle contracts spasmodically but does not relax completely


  4. skeletal muscleinvoluntary, no striations


  5. myoglobincarries the oxygen to the body cells