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The person responsible for establishing psychology as an independent discipline with its own subject matter

Wilhelm Wundt

Isabel is listening to a piece of classical music and tape recording all her feeling and impressions as she experiences them. Isabel is using a technique similar to the research methodology of


People resisted psychoanalysis mainly because of its emphasis on

unconscious motivation

Janet trained her dog to sit on command by following this behavior with a reward of a dog biscuit and praise. Janet use the principles of


The results from a recent study suggest that the cognitive perspective surpassed the behavioral perspective in influence sometime around


Professor Vasquez believes that nearly all psychological disorders can ultimately be traced to abnormalities in brain chemistry. Professor Vasquez's beliefs are most consistent with the

biological perspective

In trying to understand the psychology of addiction, Dr.Jackson focuses on the neurochemical changes that occur, Dr.Fong focuses on the consequences that people experience for their behavior , and Dr.Wenkle focuses on the cognitive processes that people use in choosing their actions. The different perspectives of these three professionals help to illustrate the underlying that

psychology is theoretically diverse

Which of the following is NOT a reason for psychology's theoretical diversity

Psychology lacks adequate objective data to support theory

The fact that your performance in this course will be affected by both personal and situational factors BEST supports which of the following

the multifactorial causation of behavior approach

The scientific method is designed to

counteract subjectivity

WWI & WWII stimultaed the growth of psychology as a profession. This influence illustrates which of the text books unifying themes?

Psychology evolves in a sociohistorical context

An operational defenition

describes the actions and procedures used to measure or control a variable

The experiment is a research method in which he investigator

manipulates a variable under carefully controlled conditions and observes whether there are changes in a second variable as a result

In a study designed to test the effects of a new drug developed to treat Alzheimer's disease, half the patients were given the actual drug while the other half of the patients where given a placebo (sugar pill). In this study the experiment group is

the group who received the actual drug

A variable, other than the independent variable, that appears to have influenced the dependent variable in a study is referred to as

An extraneous variable

The 2 basic types of statistics are

descriptive and inferrential

Dr.Hugo designs and experiment to test the effectiveness of a new antidepressant drug. Half the participants will receive the actual drug and half will receive a sugar ill, but neither the participants nor the researchers who administer the drug will know who is receiving the actual drug and who is receiving the placebo. In this case, Dr.Hugo has designed

a double-blind research study

Deception is used in some research in order to

help control for placebo effects

Robyn has just eaten a full meal and is now relaxing. Robyn's _______ is in primary control at this time

parasympathetic nervous system

Which of the following research techniques is LEAST likely to be used to study the human brain


The brain structure that controls unconscious but essential functions such as breathing and circulations is the


Which of the following brain structure is most closely associated with the regulation of emotion

limbic system

Much of the endocrine system is controlled by the nervous system through the


When one member of a gene pair is more influential, such that its trait is expressed over the trait of the other gene, it is said to be


Which of the following is determined at conception and fixed forever


Donavon was adopted at birth by Mr. and Mrs. Erndt. Although neither of his biological parents had much musical ability, Donavon has become an excellent pianist, just like Mr.Erndt. This information could be used as evidence to suggest that

Environmental factors have more influence than genetic factors in musical talent

_______ function in the endocrine system much like ______ in the nervous system

hormones; neurotransmitters

Several students are arguing over the actual year that the Berlin wall came down. Some of the students think it was in 1990, several think it was in 1991, and one student thinks it may have been 1988. Seth confidently tells them it was in November 1989, because it came down the same week he won a statewide spelling bee. This illustrates

self-referent enconing

In Serena's law class they are discussing high-profile cases, and when they get to the O.J Simpson case, Serena suddenly has a vivid memory of watching the whit Bronco driving slowly down the freeway. She feels like she can recall every detail of that night, right down to the snacks she and her roommate were eating. This would be an example of

flashbulb memories

Joel is asked to provide a description of his neighbor's car, after the car and the neighbor both disappear. He is surprised to find that he really can't accurately recall the make of the car, or any special details that might help in identifying the vehicle. In this case, Joel may experiencing


Brendan knows that her professor plans to give essay exams throughout the semester, so she prepares for the exam by thinking of questions that ask about key concepts and writing out answers to those questions. In this case, Brendan is trying to maximize her exam performance

through the use of transfer-appropriate processing

In language development, babbling refers to producing

a wide variety of phonemes and consonant-vowel combinations

The theories of language acquisition that focus on the development of neural circuits within the brain response to language experience are known as

emerginist theories

Marie recieved a puzzle as a present for her birthday. The puzzle has 3 pegs, and to solve the puzzle a person is required to move nine disks from the center peg to one of the outside pegs. However, only one disk can be moved at a time, and a larger disk can never be place on top of a smaller disk. Marie's puzzle is an example pf

Problem of transofrmation

The concept of field dependence-independence highlights the importance of _____ in determining problem-solving skills.

Cultural factors

Subjective probability refers to

a personal estimate of what the probability of an outcome is

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