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Module 3: chapter 10, 19, 20, 21, and 24

Terms in this set (77)

1. Core clinical applications
- ex. Electronic medical record (EMR), electronic health record (EHR), emergency department, computerized provider order entry (CPOE), clinical documentation, medication administration record (MAR), surgical services, and anesthesia information system

2. Ancillary service and procedure area information services
- ex. Pharmacy, radiology and imaging, laboratory, arterial blood gas, cardiology, endoscopy, respiratory, neurology, nutrition care, dictation, health information management, biomedical devices (physiologic monitors, vital sign machines, intravenous pumps, ventilators, pneumatic tube systems, etc.)

3. Online reference databases
- ex. Drug information references; patient education; policies and procedures; disease, diagnosis, and interventional protocol databases; formulas or health-related calculators

4. Revenue cycle
- ex. Admission, discharge, and transfer; enterprise scheduling; preauthorization; facility and technical billing; health information (HIM), document management (scanning), coding; professional and physician billing; claim scrubbers; print vendors; address verification; electronic data interchange (EDI) transactions; benefit checking

5. Business, finance, and personnel
- ex. E-mail, office software, cash collections, credit card transactions, banking, business intelligence, reports and reporting, supply chain and enterprise resource planning (ERP), budgeting, human resources, payroll, staff scheduling, keyless entry, facilities and engineering, telephone systems and wiring, telephone operators, paging systems, wireless communication devices

6. Miscellaneous
- ex. Printers, Bluetooth devices (scanners, label printers), reports, data warehouse, barcode scanning, print vendor, internet-based public web pages, intranet and related internal web sites, wikis, clinical health information exchanges, retail outlets (retail pharmacies, gift shops, food service)