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describes a thought experiment or view of an entity.


an item or description of items being sought in a search.


a formal description of a language in terms of vocabulary and rules for writing phrases and sentences.


describes a data structure that cannot be changed once it has been created.


an order of processing a tree in which the parent node is processed in between it's children.

Interior Node

a node of a tree that has children.


a program that reads instructions, determines what they say, and executes them.


given two sets, the intersection is the set of elements that are members of both sets.


a problem that is so hard that it cannot be solved unless the problem is small.

Java Virtual Machine

an interpreter for compiled Java bytecodes.


a tree node containing contents value but with no children.


last-in, first-out: describes the order of a stack.


O(n), a problem whose solution requires a linear amount of time or space if the problem is size n.


a pointer to the next element in a linked list.

Linked List

a sequence of records, where each record contains a link to the next one.


to combine to ordered linear structures into one.


an element of a linked list, tree, or graph, often represented by a data structure.

Null Dereference

a runtime error that occurs when an operation such as a method call is attempted on a null pointer.


a data structure that can be identified at runtime as a member of a class.


a description of the kinds of objects that exist in a computer program.


in a search tree, a program that changes a state into a child state.


in a tree, a node that points to a given node.


a variable containing the address of other data.


an order of processing a tree in which the parent node is processed after it's children.


an order of processing a tree in which the parent node is processed before it's children.


O(n^2), a problem whose solution requires a quadratic amount of time or space if the problem is of size n.


a data structure representing a series of items, which are removed in the same order they were inserted.

Random Access

describes a data structure or device in which all accesses have the same cost, O(1).


a case where a program calls itself.

Recursive Case

a condition of the input data where the data will be handled by calls to the same program.


a pointer to data.

Reference Type

a type in which variables of that type are pointers to objects.


the top node of a tree, from which all other nodes can be reached.

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