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Unit 6:Southwest and Central Asia


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The "Middle East"
the nickname from Southwest Asia.
The use of violence and intimidation for political aims
The Taliban
A fundamental Islamic political movement that was in power in Afghanistan from 1994-2002.
Individual Development Plan, someone that in every way is "refugee" and has fled their home but not their country of origin.
weapons of mass destruction
Chemical, nuclear/radioactive,or biological weapons capable of widespread destruction and harm/death.
dividing a country into separate parts (of government)
The Bush Doctrine
A foreign policy from US president George W Bush declaring a "war on terror " and stating that military would make" no distinction between terrorist and the counties that harbor them"
The Cradle of Civilization
Describes southwest Asia because it is the birth place to 3 of the world's major religion
A person who has to leave his or her country to find safety.
A voluminous, tent-like full-body outer garment that covers someone from head to toe
Non-renewable energy source
Energy that will eventually run out
renewable energy source
Energy that can be naturally replenish