Terms in this set (13)

  • Equanimous
    calm and composed
  • Wary
    Feeling or showing caution
  • Apprehensive
    anxious or fearful
  • Embittered
    the state of feeling bitter or resentful
  • Pragmatic
    Practical; matter-of-fact, sensible
  • Morose
    sullen; ill-tempered
  • Zealous
    having or showing great energy or enthusiasm (zeal)
  • Contemptuous
    Scornful, insolent
  • Ambivalent
    having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about something else or someone
  • Magnanimous
    very generous or forgiving (altruistic)
  • Melancholic
    feeling or expressing pensive sadness
  • Sardonic
    grimly mocking or cynical
  • Didactic
    intended to teach, especially in terms of moral instruction