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sociology chapter 6

which sociologist perspective would emphasize the role of reference groups in setting and enforcing standards of conduct and belief
A. Functionalist
B. Feminist
C. Conflict
D. Interactionist
which of these workplace innovations might have helped to prevent the challenger and columbia disasters?
A. Deindustrialization
B. minimal hierarchy
C. telecommunting
D. collective decision making
which sociological perspective would emphasize that voluntary associations create social stability by creating various work related functions that serve to transmit traditional social values within society
A. functionalist
B. feminist
C. conflict
D. interactionist
which sociologist emphasized the basic similarity of structure and process found in the otherwise dissimilar enterprises of religion, government, education, and business?
A. Norman Denzin
B. David Stills
C. Max Weber
D. Suzanne Staggenborg
in the U.S. society today, the bureaucratic principle that govern an organization like McDonald's may also be seen in:
A. Wedding plans
B. education
C. sports events
D. all of the above
failure to reconize peoples participation in voluntary associations may be attributable to the notation that it is viewed as women's work, according to:
A. interactionists
B. functionalists
C. conflict theorists
D. structurealists
Oligarchies emerge because:
A. people in leadership roles have skills, knowledge
B. most capable people always rise to the top of a bureaucracy
a group is any number of people:
A. similar norms, values, and expectations
B. happen to be together in the same place
C. share a common feature but dont interact
D. all of the above
which sociologist perspective might observe the division of labor among the staff members in a hospital emergency room and focus on how the allocation of responsibilities affects their relationships with one another?
A. functionalist
B. conflict
C. global
D. interactionist
which is true about small groups:
A. an individual has greater freedom to ignore certain members
B. members have more points of view
C. they have more elaborate structures than larger groups
D. members have more time to speak and participate
which of the following does Marx and conflict theorists believe is weaken by restricting workers to very small tasks
A. job security
B. economic positions
C. family values
D. hierarchy of control
small groups are:
A. always primary groups
B. sometimes secondary groups
C. always associated with intimate personal relationship
D. all of the above
the notation that every employee within a hierarchy tends to rise to his or her level of incompetence:
A. peter principle
B. trained principle
C. bureaucracy
D. goal displacement
which sociologist perspective would view that the longer labor union leaders are in office, the more concerned they are with maintaining their own positions and power, and they become less responsive to the needs of the rank file
A. conflict
B. interactionist
C. functionalist
D. structurealist
the phrase "bureaucracy's other face" which refers to the unofficial activities and interactions that are a basic part of daily organizational life, was coined by?
A. Peter Blau
B. Alvin Gouldner
C. Chalres Page
D. James Tucker
employees who work full time or part time at home rather than in an outside office and who are linked to their supervisors and colleagues through computer terminals, phones, and fax machines are referred as:
A. interfacers
B. bureaucrats
C. telecommuters
D. gemeinschaft
a type of small group discussed as being of great interest to sociologists:
A. juries
B. think tanks
C. sports teams
D. stockholder boards
the study of groups has become an important part of sociological investigation because they play such a key role in the transmission of culture:
A. interactionist
B. conflict
C. global
D. functionalist
which type of group plays a pivotal role in the socialization process and the development of roles and statuses
A. aggregates
B. primary groups
C. formal organizations
D. secondary groups
in the Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx and friedrich Engels charged that the capitalist system reduces workers to a mere appendage of the machine, which leads to extreme:
A. goal displacement
B. motion sickness
C. anomie
D. alienation
formal organization may vary in:
A. size
B. degree of efficiency
C. specificity of goals
D. all of the above
which one of the following ascribed statuses influences peoples self image within a formal organizations:
A. gender
B. college education
C. job skills
D. all of the above
which group is most important for socialization?
A. primary groups
B. coalitions
C. out groups
D. all of the above
proper behavior for the in group is often viewed as unacceptable behavior for the out group, Robert Merton describes this process as the conversation of in group virtues into:
A. out group virtues
B. in group vices
C. out group vices
D. goal displacement
the distinction between in groups and out groups was 1st made by:
A. Phillip Zimbardo
B. William Graham Summer
C. Erving Goffman
D. Charles Horton Cooley
which perspective would be most likely to emphasize that we and they feelings promote in group solidarity and a sense of belonging
A. feminist
B. functionalist
C. conflict
D. interactionist