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  1. Treaty of Utrecht 1713
  2. Mercantilism
  3. Salutary Neglect
  4. War of Jenkins Ear
  5. Townshend Duties
  1. a Where France made Peace with England after Queen Anne's war, this helped to make England a medeteranian power
  2. b slight taxation on glass, white lead, paper, paint and tea, basically British imports; caused smuggling, not taken as seriously
  3. c An English policy of not strictly enforcing laws in its colonies
  4. d spanish officials cut off british captian jenkins' ear. He kept it and showed it to parliament, which lead to war with Spain.
  5. e an economic system (Europe in 18th C) to increase a nation's wealth by government regulation of all of the nation's commercial interests

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  1. English general, led troops up steep cliff to capture Quebec which marked the beginning of the end of the French/Indian War
  2. Tax on sugar and molasses
  3. prohibited colonies from issuing paper money, destabilized colonial economy
  4. Founder of the Sons of Liberty and one of the most vocal patriots for independence; signed the Declaration of Independence
  5. a British commander during the French and Indian War. He failed to capture Fort Duquesne in 1755. He was defeated by the French and the Indians, and killed at this same battle.This event was known as ___________'s blunder

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  1. RegulatorsThese were vigilante groups active in the 1760s and 1770s in the western parts of North and South Carolina. They violently protested high taxes and insufficient representation in the colonial legislature.


  2. King Louis XIVTook huge interest in creating colonies abroad unlike other earlier French Kings. Absolute power. Caused great debt for France


  3. Non-Importation AgreementPledges to boycott, or decline to purchase, certain goods from abroad.


  4. Charles TownshendHe persuaded Parliament in 1767 to pass the Townshend Acts. He seized a dubious distinction between internal and external taxes and made this tax an indirect customs duty payable at American ports.


  5. Navigation ActsColonists were required to ship products exclusively to England.


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