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He listened to the poor advice of his friends and was proud.
Why didn't Rehoboam heed the Israelites' complaints about heavy taxes and forced labor?
God sent Ahijah.
Who did God send to tell Jeroboam that God was going to give him ten tribes of Israel to rule?
"You shall have no other gods before me" (Exodus 20:3)—they served idols and worshiped Baal. "You shall not make for yourself an idol" (Exodus 20:4)—Jeroboam made golden calves for the Israelites to worship. "You shall not murder" (Exodus 20:13)—Jezebel had Naboth murdered for Ahab's sake.
Name some of God's commandments that Israel broke.
Each of Israel's kings killed the previous king and destroyed each other's families, one after another.
How do the kings of Israel illustrate the "domino effect"?
What did he know and do? Abijah knew that God was the father of Israel. He had made a covenant with his people and promised to be their God (father) as long as they served him. Abijah depended and called upon God for victory.
Abijah's name meant "the Lord is Father." How did Abijah live up to his name?
When invaded by Zerah's army, he asked God for help and was delivered; also God blessed Judah with peace.
Give an example and a result of Asa's obedience.
He bribed Ben-Hadad and failed to ask God for help, so judgment fell on Judah; also Asa got a foot disease.
Give an example and a result of Asa's disobedience.
She introduced Baal worship into Israel.
How did Jezebel influence Ahab?
He considered sins to be trivial, married Jezebel—a foreign princess and worshiper of Baal, built a temple and an altar to Baal, and made an Asherah pole.
Give an example of Ahab's wickedness.
King Rehoboam
First king of the southern kingdom
King Jeroboam
First king of the northern kingdom
capital of the southern kingdom
capital of the northern kingdom
the name of the northern kingdom
the name of the southern kingdom
2 tribes
the number of tribes in the southern kingdom
10 tribes
the number of tribes in the northern kingdom
Who had made a golden calf long before Jeroboam did?
Moses ground it up and put it in the drinking water.
What happened to the golden calf that Aaron made?
He wanted the Israelites to have no reason to go to Jerusalem. Jeroboam was worried that the people would switch their allegiance to Rehoboam.
Why did Jeroboam make the golden calves?
Pagan gods were often in the form of calves.
Why did Jeroboam choose a calf?
They were strategic cities in the north and in the south.
Why did Jeroboam put the calves at Dan and Bethel?
He appointed non-Levite priests, and he created his own religious festivals.
Name two things other than creating and worshipping idols that Jeroboam did wrong.
Jeroboam's hand shriveled, and the altar split apart.
What two miracles happened when Jeroboam tried to seize the man of God?
She wanted to know if her son Abijah would live.
Why did Jeroboam's wife go to Ahijah?
Abijah would die and Jeroboam's family would be cut off from the kingdom because he had done evil in God's sight.
What bad news did Ahijah give Jeroboam's wife?
He defeated Israel after calling on God for deliverance.
When he saw his city was taken, he set his palace on fire and burned to death.
He reigned with Tibni for the beginning of his 11 year reign.
This husband of Jezebel was Israel's most wicked king.
He listened to bad advice and his kingdom split.
While drunk he was killed by one of his officials.
He was Jeroboam's son who did evil in God's eyes.
For the beginning of his life he was a good king who walked in God's ways.