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Maddock Freshmen nonfiction

English 9 nonfiction review
indirect characterization
type of characterization where the author shows a character's traits
direct characterization
type of characterization where the author states a character's traits
involves imaginary characters and events
involves real characters and events
reflective essay
writer reflects on feelings about a topic of personal importance
visual essay
uses both visuals and written language
persuasive essay
tries to convince readers to accept a position or course of action
tells about the writer's own life
tells the story of a person other than the author
narrative essay
an essay that tells a story
book review & book jacket
two types of writing we read about In These Girls, Hope Is a Muscle
proof Georgia O'Keeffe did what she wanted and not what others told her to do
men said you can't paint NYC--she did; men didn't like her bright colors--she made them brighter
he's writing about comics with comics
why the format of Understanding Comics is appropriate
how we know it's a radio interview
in "Earhart Redux" we hear sound effects, a sign-on and a sign-off, different people talking, a dead person talks
example of direct characterization
There was in her a certain pride and love of labor--tells the reader the washwoman takes pride in her work and she likes to work
example of indirect characterization with speech
"I could not rest easy in my bed because of the wash...I do not want to be a burden on anyone."--shows the reader the washwoman doesn't want to cause anyone problems; she's honest and dedicated to her job
example of indirect characterization with actions
The old woman returns the laundry after several months. She had been very sick and had almost died.--shows the reader the washwoman is honest and dedicated
example of indirect characterization with appearance
She was even thinner now, more bent. Her face had become more gaunt, her head shook...[She] mumbled something with her sunken mouth and pale lips.--shows the washwoman had been sick