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  1. states basic human rights (life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness), 27 complaints to king geroge III, and a declaration to the world saying that we are free
  2. all states must agree
  3. Magna Carta and Petition of Right
  4. 61
  5. india for spices
  1. a where was columbus supposed to go on his journey and what was he going there for?
  2. b how many parts are in magna carta?
  3. c in order to approve the declaratioin of independence, what must happen?
  4. d What two other documents are the first part of the English Bill of Rights in?
  5. e what are the 3 parts of the declaration of independence?

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  1. What is amendment 3?
  2. What was created in 1619 in Jamestown?
  3. What type of gov. does the Magna Carta, The Petition of Right, and The English Bill of Rights show?
  4. what was the due process?
  5. who used to own quebec and montreal and who owns them now?

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  1. Northern colonies or New England coloniesWhat group of colonies do Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire fall into?


  2. people have the right to a fair and speedy trialWhat is the sixth amendment?


  3. when parliament removed King Charles II and replaced him with his daughter Mary and her husband WilliamWhat is the Glorious Revolution?


  4. it worked and the stamp act was repealed as well as other taxeswhat does coercive mean?


  5. pilgrimsWho made up the Mayflower?