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  1. richard henry lee
  2. 1773
  3. john adams, john hancock, and ben franklin
  4. april 19th, 1775
  5. source of raw materials for england, provided a market for english goods
  1. a when was the boston tea party?
  2. b who was in favor of independence?
  3. c a representative from virginia who proposes independence at the urging of franklin and adams
  4. d What are 2 examples of mercantilism?
  5. e when was the shot heard 'round the world

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  1. what is another name for magna carta?
  2. where did the colonists want representation?
  3. what was the king's response to the letter sent to him by the first continental congress?
  4. who fired upon each other for the first time during the shot heard 'round the world?
  5. a member of the pennsylvania delegation. He is in favor of independence but other members of his delegation are not. He brings his own distinct and interesting sense of humor to the proceedings. he is highly respected by those attending the congress

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  1. it worked and the stamp act was repealed as well as other taxeswhat was the result of the boycott of british goods?


  2. the money you pay to stay at home until your trial is overwhat is a bail?


  3. gov. that is limited in its powerwhat was the 1st permanant European settlement and when was it established?


  4. they passed the declaratory act, the townshend acts, and the tea actwhat did england do after the colonists boycotted their goods?


  5. protection from losing their life, liberty, or property except if they were convicted of a crimein magna carta, what were nobles provided with and what was the exception to this rule?