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  1. 61
  2. False
  3. gov. can't put troops in your home without your permission
  4. more taxes on basic items, especially goods that the colonists could not make themselves
  5. all of the colonies
  1. a how many parts are in magna carta?
  2. b which colonies sent representatives to the second continental congress?
  3. c what was the townshend acts?
  4. d What is amendment 3?
  5. e True or False. All of the colonies did not have lawmaking bodies like the Virginia House of Burgesses.

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  1. why did the first continental congress not meet in boston?
  2. When did the Mayflower create their own gov?
  3. who was the french and indian war fought between?
  4. what was the reason for the shot heard 'round the world?
  5. what is a fine?

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  1. parchment paper by the official printer of the congress and copies distributed to the king and in the coloniesWhat is the sixth amendment?


  2. parliamentwhat was the part of magna carta that said how a council of advisors must be established later called?


  3. he was a leader of french and indian warwhy did the second continental congress appoint george washington to head the revolutionary forces?


  4. the boston harborwho was the princpal writer of the document that would explain why we want to be free?


  5. 1215when was magna carta applied?