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  1. boycott british goods
  2. may, 1775-just three weeks after lexington and concord-meet in philidelphia
  3. 13
  4. thomas jefferson
  5. Jamestown, Virginia in 1607
  1. a who was the princpal writer of the document that would explain why we want to be free?
  2. b How many colonies are there?
  3. c what did the colonists decide to do after england taxed them and interfered in their lives?
  4. d when was the second continental congress?
  5. e what was the 1st permanent English settlement and when was it established?

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  1. what was king george III determined to do?
  2. representative from pennsylvania, strongly opposed to independence
  3. where did the colonists dump chests of tea into during the boston tea party?
  4. What two other documents are the first part of the English Bill of Rights in?
  5. In 1628, what was King Charles I forced to sign?

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  1. Southern colonieswho discovered the americas?


  2. more taxes on basic items, especially goods that the colonists could not make themselveswhat did the second continental congress assume?


  3. they hated ithow did the colonists feel about british taxes and interference in colonial life?


  4. they no longer needed english protection against the frenchwho was the french and indian war fought between?


  5. you come to trial quicklywhat was the colonists result to england passing the tea act, declaratory act, and the townshend acts?