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  1. 1
  2. ben franklin
  3. it was common sense to stop following a royal brute (bully)
  4. they hated it
  5. a tax on sugar
  1. a a member of the pennsylvania delegation. He is in favor of independence but other members of his delegation are not. He brings his own distinct and interesting sense of humor to the proceedings. he is highly respected by those attending the congress
  2. b how many king john's were there?
  3. c how did the colonists feel about british taxes and interference in colonial life?
  4. d what did the pamphlet Common Sense state?
  5. e what was the sugar act?

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  1. what is the first amendment?
  2. What did the colonies get used to?
  3. What is amendment 3?
  4. what were the 3 boats named that columbus took on his journey?
  5. where did the colonists want representation?

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  1. the powers of a central gov. for the colonies during the warwhat did the second continental congress assume?


  2. falsewhat is magna carta written in?


  3. parliamentwho won the french and indian war?


  4. englandwho was the americas discovered for?


  5. be loyal to the monarchy and the british gov.what should colonists do as british subjects?