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  1. it was common sense to stop following a royal brute (bully)
  2. boycott british goods
  3. 1773
  4. his daughter Mary and her husband William
  5. house of lords and house of commons
  1. a when was the boston tea party?
  2. b what are the two parts of parliament?
  3. c what did the colonists decide to do after england taxed them and interfered in their lives?
  4. d what did the pamphlet Common Sense state?
  5. e Who replaced King Charles II in the Glorious Revolution?

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  1. How much did England interfere with the colonies between 1607 and the mid-1700s?
  2. what was the first continental congress's purpose?
  3. what is the first amendment?
  4. When was King Charles 1 forced to sign the Petition of Right?
  5. what was the part of magna carta that said how a council of advisors must be established later called?

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  1. The Great Charterwhat is another name for magna carta?


  2. it worked and the stamp act was repealed as well as other taxeswhat were 2 ways to get money from the colonies?


  3. Parliament removed King Charles II and replaced him with his daughter Mary and her husband Williamwhat was the declaratory act?


  4. Williamsburgwhat was england's form of a representative democracy?


  5. french wanted to expland land to the southWhat are the two very important ideas we get from England?