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  1. the 5th amendment
  2. the french and indians against the british
  3. to raise money from the colonists
  4. they no longer needed english protection against the french
  5. john dickenson
  1. a who was the french and indian war fought between?
  2. b what happened to the colonists after the french and indian war?
  3. c what part of the US constitution was made from the due process?
  4. d what did king george III initiate a series of laws for?
  5. e representative from pennsylvania, strongly opposed to independence

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  1. why did the second continental congress appoint george washington to head the revolutionary forces?
  2. what did england do after the colonists boycotted their goods?
  3. what is a speedy trial?
  4. which colonies were less in favor of independence?
  5. who was in favor of independence?

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  1. ParliamentWhat was copied by the US that is now the Congress?


  2. magna cartawhat english document from 1215 first claimed that the gov. could not raise taxes without permission?


  3. england is left with a huge war debt. england begins taxing the colonies to help offset the war debtwhat were the 2 consequences of the french and indian war?


  4. john adamsrepresentative from massachusetts to the congress. He is a strong proponent of independence. He is unpopular with many of the memberse of congress


  5. they were mad. they passed the intolerable actswhat was england's response to the boston tea party?