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  1. the idea that the gov. must follow certain constitutionally established rules before it can imprison you, kill you, etc.
  2. 342
  3. pilgrims
  4. the money you pay to stay at home until your trial is over
  5. india for spices
  1. a how many chests of tea did the colonists dump into the boston harbor during the boston tea party?
  2. b what is a bail?
  3. c what was the due process?
  4. d Who made up the Mayflower?
  5. e where was columbus supposed to go on his journey and what was he going there for?

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  1. when was the second continental congress?
  2. What are the seven parts of the English Bill of Rights?
  3. who was the princpal writer of the document that would explain why we want to be free?
  4. what was the first battle of the revolutionary war?
  5. in order to approve the declaratioin of independence, what must happen?

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  1. be loyal to the monarchy and the british gov.what should colonists do as british subjects?


  2. people have the right to petition the gov.What is the sixth amendment?


  3. The Virginia House of BurgessesWhat was created in 1619 in Jamestown?


  4. 1628When was the Glorious Revolution?


  5. nobles and king johnwho was part of the magna carta?


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