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  1. they were mad. they passed the intolerable acts
  2. when parliament removed King Charles II and replaced him with his daughter Mary and her husband William
  3. colonists protested taxes by dumping 342 chests of tea into boston harbor
  4. war-the shot heard 'round the world
  5. not much
  1. a what was england's response to the boston tea party?
  2. b what was the king's response to the letter sent to him by the first continental congress?
  3. c How much did England interfere with the colonies between 1607 and the mid-1700s?
  4. d What is the Glorious Revolution?
  5. e what was the boston tea party?

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  1. when was the boston tea party?
  2. who was appointed to write a document that would explain why we want to be free?
  3. who signed magna carta?
  4. what did king george III initiate a series of laws for?
  5. What two other documents are the first part of the English Bill of Rights in?

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  1. may, 1775-just three weeks after lexington and concord-meet in philidelphiawhere was the shot heard 'round the world?


  2. magna cartawhat english document from 1215 first claimed that the gov. could not raise taxes without permission?


  3. boston harbor would be closed until the colonists paid for the lost tea shipment, colonial gov. would be suspended in boston, british soldiers could be housed in colonists homes not only in massachusetts but all the colonies, and town meetings would require royal permissionwhat did virginian richard henry lee propose in june 1776?


  4. Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New HampshireWhat are the northern colonies?


  5. ben franklina member of the pennsylvania delegation. He is in favor of independence but other members of his delegation are not. He brings his own distinct and interesting sense of humor to the proceedings. he is highly respected by those attending the congress