30 terms

Social Studies

thematic map
presents information to only one theme or topic
the pattern of weather over a long period of time
economic activity
any action that relates to the making, buying, and selling of goods and services
any natural feature of Earth's surface that has a distinct shape. Landforms include major features such as continents, plains, plateaus, and mountain ranges. They also include minor features such as hills, valleys, canyons, and dunes.
physical features
The natural characteristics of the earths surface, such as landforms and bodies of water
population density
the average number of people who live in a unit of area, such as a square mile. population density measures how crowded an area is
an area defined by one or more natural or cultural characteristics that set it apart from other areas
all the plants and trees in an area
a long narrow stretch of land that is surrounded by water on all sides
climate zones
areas or regions where the climate is similar; factors such as latitude, mountains, and oceans affect what is found in the region
rain or anything made of water
a graph that shows the average temperature and precipitation in a place over a year
ice cap
permanent ice and snow; no plant life
no trees; types of grasses and shrubs
coniferous forest
mixed forest
a mix of coniferous and deciduous
trees with broad leaves that shed before winter
temperate grassland
grasses that are adapted to cool climates
small trees and bushes to a Mediterranean climate
desert scrub
small plants adapted to a dry climate
arid region with few plants
tropic grassland
grasses and scattered adapted to a wet and dry climate
broadleaf evergreen forest
tall trees with large leaves that remain green all year
hunting and gathering
subsistence farming
farmers that grow only enough for his family
nomadic headers
people who moves to find food and water for their animals
commercial farming and commercial fishing
when a farmer farms for a company and when a fisherman fishes for a company
cutting down trees
trade and manufacturing
turning resources into goods to sell
is an area with one or more features that set it apart from other areas