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the perception of being male/female


sexual anatomy/behavior


may lead people to perform in accordance with the stereotypes and not their own abilities

gender roles

set of expectations, defined by a particular society


negative attitudes and behavior toward a person based on their gender

benevolent sexism

steretyped/restrictive attitudes that appear on the surface to be beneficial to women

glass ceiling

unstated, but real barriers within an organization that prevent women from being promoted beyond a certain level because of gender discrimination

sexual harrassment

unwanted sexual attention

biosocial approach

one important source of gender differences is the physical capabilities of men and women


the process by which an individual learns the rules and norms of appropriate behavior in society

gender schema

mental framework that organizes and guides a child's understanding of information relevant to gender


male sex hormones that the testes begin to secrete at puberty


male and female sex organs


female sex hormones


female sex hormone


greatest output of the hormones , when an egg is released from the ovaries making the chance of fertilization by a sperm cell the highest

errogeneous zones

an unusually rich array of nerve receptors are particularly sensitive not just to sexual touch but by any touch


the period in which an arousing stimulsu begins a sequence that prepares the genitals for sex


the period in which the maximum level of arousal is attained, the penis and clitoris swell with blood, the body prepares for organsm


the peak of sexual excitement, during which rhythmic muscular contractions occur in the genitals


the interval after orgasm in which the body returns to its unaroused state, reversing the changes brought about by arousal

refractory period

men are unable to develop an erection and therefore are unable to have another orgasm and ejaculate


sexual self stimulation often using the hand to rub the genitals


sexual attraction and behavior directed to the other sex

double standard

view that the premarital sex is permissible for males but not for females

permissiveness with affetction

premarital sex is permissible if it occurs within a longterm, committed, loving relationship

extramarital sex

cheating on your spouse


attracted to members of own sex


attracted to own and other sex


people who believe they were born with the body of the other gender


people who view themselves as a third gender


an atypical combination of sexual organs/chromosomal or gene patterns-mix of physiological and psychological issues


one person forces another to submit to sexual activity-occurs far more frequently than is commonly though

date rape

rape in which the rapist is either a date/romantic acquaintance


disease that initially produces no symptoms and in men causes a burning sensation during urination, discharge from the penis

genital herpes

virus related to the cold sores that sometimes appears around the mouth-small blisters/sores around the genitals


infection in the vagina/penis caused by a parasite


a burning sensation during urination and can lead to fertility problems


an STD caused by a virus that destroys the body's immune system

erectile dysfunction

a male's inability to achieve/maintain an erection

premature ejaculation

male is unable to delay orgasm as long as he wishes - most often a psychological problem

inhibited ejaculation

male is unable to ejaculate when he wants


lack of orgasm

inhibited sexual desire

motivation for sex is lacking

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