Physiological Psych Final

1. Which of the following was not an outcome of the Schacter and Singer experiment?
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11. Which of the following is not a major function served by emotion?d. Analytical reasoning12. With increased levels of adrenal steroids, the response of the immune system to pathogens such as viruses isa. inhibited.13. A person with damage to their Posterior Temporal Lobe may report that his wife is an "imposter, a double" and claim that while she looks exactly like his wife that "she is assuredly not his wife." This person is likely experience symptoms associated with:a. Capgras Syndrome14. Studies of brain-lesioned individuals, as well as imaging studies, indicate that the learning of sensorimotor skills, perceptual skills, and cognitive skills are all affected by lesions specific to thea. basal ganglia.15. Evidence indicates that working memory for spatial location is related especially to the functioning of thec. hippocampus.16. Following learning, memory is at first unstable and easily disrupted. In time, the memory becomes more stable and may be retained for years or a lifetime. What is the process being described?d. consolidation17. Which of the following is not a basic process in learning?d. Transduction18. In posttraumatic stress disorder, when a traumatic memory is reactivated, it returns to a labile state; it becomes even stronger when reconsolidated in the presence ofc. intense fear.19. Which of the following statements about plastic changes at the level of the synapse is false?d. Synapses of less active neural pathways start competing for neurotransmitter by engulfing neighboring synapses.20. The postsynaptic change(s) following Learning and Memory processes, which are at least partly responsible for increased synaptic transmission is (are):d. All the above21. Which of the following structures is not required for the conditioned eye-blink response in the rabbit?b. Hippocampus22. The adage "cells that fire together, wire together" refers to a hypothesis proposed byd. Donald Hebb.23. . Under resting conditions, NMDA receptors are unable to respond due to the presence of _______ in their central channels.c. Mg2+ ions24. NMDA receptors are gated byd. Both a and b25. In LTP formation, nitric oxide may serve asd. retrograde transmitters.26. Patient K.C.b. cannot access memories of his own past.27. Phonemes are thea. basic sounds of a language.28. Which of the following is a feature of birdsong that suggests it is analogous to human speech?a. Some birds require early exposure to species-typical birdsong in order to develop their characteristic song.29. Birdsong is similar to human speech in thata. proper expression of the FOXP2 gene appears to be crucial.30. Disturbance in reading is calledc. alexia.31. A large frontal lesion in the left hemisphere can produce _______ aphasia.a. Broca's32. A patient who produces seemingly fluent but largely unintelligible speech and has poor comprehension of verbal material is most likely suffering from _______ aphasia.a. Wernicke's33. A patient who has difficulty speaking but has good comprehension of verbal material is most likely suffering from _______ aphasia.b. Broca's34. The arcuate fasciculus links thed. Broca's area and Wernicke's area35. Persons with conduction aphasia are unable toc. repeat words or sentences.36. Most neural disorganization in dyslexia (e.g., ectopias) are found ind. the planum temporale.37. Functional imaging of the brains of individuals while they are speaking their native language indicates thatd. slightly different patterns of activation may be seen among speakers of two or more languages.38. Split-brain patients can easily read and verbally communicate words projected toc. the right visual field.39. An enlargement of which brain region may reflect left-hemisphere language dominance?b. Planum temporale40. Deep dyslexia is characterized bya. a complete inability to read.41. Nonverbal visual stimuli are best processed if they are presented toa. the left visual field.42. Which of the following would not be a likely result of extensive damage to the right fusiform gyrus?c. Impairment in recognizing the voices of co-workers43. Childhood hemispherectomy is often followed byd. extensive functional recovery.44. Dichotic listening tasks (involving the simultaneous presentation of different sounds to the two ears) in right-handed individuals have revealed _______ advantage for the processing of verbal information.a. a right-ear45. For a stroke patient, the degree of impairment suffered depends to a large degree on the element of lesion momentum. In general,a. there is less impairment when the lesions occur more slowly.46. Which of the following rehabilitation strategies could be used to aid stroke patients in their recovery?all of the above47. Anesthetizing the right hemisphere in a Wada test interferes with a subject's ability to recognize _______ in a picture that is a composite of the subject's face and that of the celebrity.a. the face of a celebrity48. Kapur (1997) studied the effects of brain damage on doctors and scientists. He concluded thatb. their cognitive reserve allowed them to compensate for their cognitive deficits by accomplishing cognitive tasks in alternative ways, even though they did not recover lost functions.49. Evidence suggests that mammalian PNS neurons are capable of accurate regeneration only if theyc. receive stimulation and guidance from Schwann cells.50. Regeneration is almost nonexistent in the __________ of adult mammals; in their __________, it is at best a hit-or-miss affair.b. CNSs; PNSs