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Avancemos: Reflexive Verb Conjugations: Present

me acuesto
I go to bed
te acuestas
you go to bed
se acuesta
she or he goes to bed
nos acostamas
we go to bed
se acuestan
they go to bed
me afeito
I shave myself
te afeitas
you shave yourself
se afeita
he shaves himself
nos afeitamos
we shave ourselves
se afeitan
they shave themselves
me arreglo
I get ready
te arreglas
you get ready
se arregla
she gets ready
nos arreglamos
we get ready
se arreglan
they get ready
me baño
I bathe myself
te bañas
you bathe yourself
se baña
she bathes herself
nos bañamos
we bathe ourselves
se bañan
they bathe themselves
me cepillo los dientes
I brush my teeth
te cepillas los dientes
you brush your teeth
se cepilla
he brushes his teeth
nos cepillamos
we brush our teeth
se cepillan
they brush their teeth
me despierto
I wake up
te despiertas
you wake up
se despierta
he wakes up
nos despertamos
we wake up
se despiertan
they wak up
me duermo
I fall asleep
te duermes
you fall asleep
se duerme
she falls asleep
nos dormimos
we fall asleep
se duermen
they fall asleep
me ducho
I take a shower
te duchas
you take a shower
se ducha
he takes a shower
nos duchamos
we take a shower
se duchan
they take shower
me entreno
I train
te entrenas
you train
se entrena
she trains
nos entrenamos
we train
se entrenan
they train
me lavo
I wash myself
te lavas
you wash yourself
se lava
she washes herself
nos lavamos
we wash ourselves
se lavan
they wash themselves
me levanto
I get up
te levantas
you get up
se levanta
she gets up
nos levantamos
we get up
se levantan
they get up
me maquillo
I put on makeup
te maquillas
you put on makeup
se maquilla
she puts on makeup
nos maquillamos
we put on makeup
se maquillan
they put on makeup
me peino
I comb my hair
te peinas
you comb your hair
se peina
he combs his hair
nos peinamos
we comb our hair
se peinan
they comb their hair
me pongo la ropa
I put on clothes
te pones
you put on clothes
se pone
she puts on clothes
nos ponemos
we put on clothes
se ponen
they put on clothes
me seco
I dry off
te secas
you dry off
se seca
she dries off
nos secamos
we dry off
se secan
they dry off