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  1. monosaccharides
  2. carbohydrates
  3. nucleic acids
  4. monomer
  5. lipids
  1. a A building blocks of a polymer
  2. b the monomers of carbohydrates
  3. c the polymers made of monosaccharides
  4. d the polymers made of fatty acids
  5. e the polymers made of nucleotides

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  1. the monomers of proteins
  2. A giant molecule in living cells, composed of thousands of smaller monomer molecules is a ________________.
  3. solutions that have a high pH (greater than 7) are ______________.
  4. A structure that results when two or more atoms are joined together by sharing electrons
  5. A weak bond that attracts water molecules to each other is called a ___________ bond.

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  1. homeostasisA property of water that makes water molecules like to stick to each other.


  2. hydrophilicmolecules that do NOT mix with water are ____________.


  3. carbohydrates, lipids, nucleic acids, proteinsList the four organic macromolecules talked about in class (in alphabetical order with commas in between)


  4. organicMolecules that contain carbon are known as _________ molecules.


  5. acidsthe polymers made of fatty acids