20 terms

Meteorology Vocabulary

Study our meteorology terms!
air pressure
The weight of the air being pulled down on an area of Earth's surface.
A tool to measure air pressure
greenhouse effect
The atmosphere lets sunlight in to warm the air and prevents all of the warmth from escaping back into space (like a greenhouse or blanket).
global warming
A gradual increase in the average temperature of Earth's atmosphere
Coriolis Effect
The curving of wind because of Earth's rotation.
jet stream
Fast moving current of air caused by large temperature differences in the atmosphere.
Movement of air from high to low pressure caused by unequal heating of the atmosphere.
Tool to measure wind speed.
wind vane
Tool to measure wind direction.
land breeze
Moves from land toward ocean.
sea breeze
Moves from ocean toward land.
wind-chill factor
Wind blowing over the skin and removing body heat.
water cycle
The movement of water between the atmosphere and the Earth's surface.
water vapor
Molecules of liquid in water escape into the air.
Water changes from a gas to a liquid (how clouds are formed).
Liquid or solid falls from clouds toward Earth's surface.
The amount of water vapor in the air.
A tool to measure humidity.
A tool to measure humidity.
the process of warm air rising and cool air sinking